Digital Sales  Boss

Everything you need to make money

in these online streets.


Another month has gone by and you still haven't hit your business goals. 🙄


And, it’s crazy because you KNOW you’ve put in the work to create a great service, but right about now your revenue is not reflecting your determination. 

miss j confused.gif

Meanwhile, another 7-figure social media superstar just popped up in your newsfeed and while you’re happy for her, you can’t help but wonder why it’s not happening for you. 

After all, you’ve followed all of the “guru advice”: 🙄

  • Hit publish on a website you spent hours perfecting  

  • Posted countless blogs to prove you're expert enough

  • Created tons of freebies to "add value" so you can build your email list 

  • Doing it for the 'Gram posting multiple times a day so you stay top of mind

  • Going live to showcase your personality to build your know-like-trust factor


But yet, you don’t have any 6-figure deposits to screenshot and high five about … so, seriously what gives?🙄


Here’s what I want you to know:

It’s not you ... it’s your strategy. 

That's why I created the Digital Sales Boss Bundle.

So you get the behind-the-scenes strategy to actually make these online marketing tactics work for you! 

Introducing Digital Sale Boss Bundle!


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The Digital Sales Boss Bundle is a power-packed digital marketing bundle with 6 of my best-selling online marketing bundles that will get you discovered and booked by your DREAM clients. Inside I'm pulling back the curtain on my top 6 sales strategies to get high-paying clients... even if you are just starting out. 



Bundle 1

Social Media Boss

Your ultimate collection of word-for-word, plug-n-play social media captions, money-in-the-bank DM sales scripts, and visibility boosting hashtags that will get you discovered and booked by your DREAM clients.

Here's what's inside:

  • CAPTIONS: 366 Done-For-You, word-for-word, money-in-the-bank, paint-by-numbers social media post templates strategically crafted to win buyers. 

  • DM SCRIPTS:The ultimate direct messaging sales funnel to turn your DM into a sales generating machine with fill-in-the-blank DM sales scripts to fill your Facebook group, grow your following and get sales using direct messages. 

  • HASHTAGS: EntHERpreneur Hashtag Matrix is a collection of over 3800+ researched and targeted hashtags in 130+ categories to boost your business engagement, reach and visibility. 

VALUE $838

Bundle 2

Email Boss Bundle

Your ultimate collection of money-in-the-bank, word-for-word, plug-n-play email templates that skyrocket your sales while your subscribers tootsie slide in their inbox.

Get these plug-and-send email sequences:

  • Live Launch (9 emails): Designed to launch a new program, service, course, membership, or product to your existing email list.

  • Welcome Nurture (8 emails): Designed to nurture new subbies to your email and introduce them to your brand and services. 

  • 5-Day Challenge (12 emails): Offers paint-by-number templates for what emails to send when for your ENTIRE challenge.

  • Webinar Sales (12 emails): Offers pre-webinar emails to increase your webinar show up rates and post-webinar templates to increase your sales conversion rate. 

  • Upsell (8 emails): Designed to pitch complementary products or services based on subscribers' previous buying history.

  • Beta Launch (8 emails): Designed to pre-launch or beta-test your offer before launching on a large scale.  

  • High Ticket Offer (8 emails): Designed to invite your subbies to complete your application process to fill seats.

  • Cold Subscribers Re-engagement (4 emails): Designed to turn old subscribers from cold to piping hot. 

  • Weekly Engagement (52 emails): Offer 52 week-by-week engagement and sales infused email templates. 


VALUE $1,513


Bundle 3

Phone Sales Boss

All the tools, scripts and systems you need to close 4 and 5 figure clients on repeat with phone consultation.


Here's what is inside:

  • Six-Figure Sales Script: The exact, word-for-word sales script my clients and I have used to close 4 & 5 figure clients consistently on the phone… even if you think you can’t sell.

  • Booked On Autopilot System: Automate your booking system to automatic schedule and prequalify prospects before you even get on the phone with them.

  • Close Sales Like A Boss Cheatsheet: No more stressing over the tough questions that may arise, use this objections cheat sheet to know exactly what to say to navigate the conversation to close the sale.

VALUE $897

Bundle 4

Webinar Boss

The webinar slides and word-for-word email sequence that I use to get clients on repeat. Webinars are one of the best ways to sell high-ticket services. 


Here's what is inside:

  • Webinar Boss Presentation Template: Convert webinar attendees into paying clients with this plug-and-play Canva Webinar template strategically structured to get more sales.

  • Webinar Sales Page Tutorial: Step-by-step instructional video with sales page secrets to increase your webinar sales.

  • Webinar Registration Page Tutorial: Step-by-step instructional video with tips and tricks to increase your opt-in rate.

  • Pre-webinar Email Sequence: Word-for-word,  pre-webinar emails to entice registrants to show up live.

  • Post Webinar Email Sequence: Money-in-the-bank email templates to continue raking in sales even after your webinar ends. 

VALUE $1,236

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Bundle 5

Launch Boss Bundle

The step-by-step launch map and swipe files you need to launch your next offer to more revenue with confidence and ease. 


Here's what is inside:

  • Launch Map - Get a breakdown of all the elements you'll need to launch your offer

  • Sales Page Strategy - Get the skinny on how to create sales pages that increase conversions and entice buyers. Plus sample sales pages you can use to tweak-copy-launch to promote your offers

  • Launch Emails - Get fill-in-the-blank email templates for every phase of your launch

  • Launch SM Posts - Get fill-in-the-blank social media post templates proven to transform followers into buyers

  • Annnd get BONUS training on how to create head-turning lead magnets and drive traffic to your lead magnet and offers.

VALUE $1,500

Bundle 6

Promote Like a Boss

No Audience? No problem! This promotion system gives you the inside scoop on how to leverage other brands' audiences to grow your following and get leads and sales quickly.

Here's what is inside:

  • Promote Like A Boss Masterclass: Learn the ins & out of how to gain real targeted followers and get clients by promoting through social media influencers in this 1-hour workshop.

  • My exclusive top 30 IG Promoters List: Get the list of the EXACT IG pages I used to gain 1,500 followers and make $14k in ONE month.

  • My ENTIRE Influencer Marketing Strategy: No more guessing on how to get a return on your investment working with influencers. Get my entire blueprint for what to do before, during and after your promo to maximize your sales.

VALUE $784




Say goodbye to...

  • Spending hours of time cuddled up with Google wondering how to get sales

  • Buying expensive sales courses that lead to no results

  • Posting desperately in FB groups hoping to get noticed, hoping someone will want to work with you.

  • No wasting $1,000s hiring a graphic designer to create Webinar slides

  • Wondering what to say and when to get sales online

  • Feeling like an icky, used car salesman when promoting your business 

  • Entertaining "freebie" seekers and tire kickers who never buy from you




Bonus 1

Social Media Boss

Trello Board

Get all 366 done-for-you, word-for-word, money-in-the-bank, paint-by-numbers social media post templates strategically laid out in an easy to use Trello board template so you can easily plan and schedule your social media content even faster!


mockuper (3).png

Bonus 2

Marketing Your Message

Whether you like it or not, MARKETING is the core of growing your business and getting consistent sales. In this Marketing Your Message Masterclass you'll learn how to craft the right message for the right audience.

Here's everything we will cover:

  • What marketing REALLY is

  • How to be CLEAR with your messaging to avoid confusing your audience

  • Best places to find the exact words your KC is using to communicate

  • Anatomy of a Selling Story

  • Choosing the RIGHT marketing communication channel for your biz

  • 4 Ways to get in front of the RIGHT audience who are ready to buy


Bonus 3

Email Boss Trello Board

Get all email templates and sequences strategically laid out in an easy to use Trello board template so you can easily plan and schedule your email content even faster!

Or share it with your team and track their progress. 


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Grab Digital Sales Boss Bundle... quick!

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Total Value $6,768
Regular Price $640
Today's Price $299


I'm Ebony

Hi, I'm Ebony Evaughn, founder of Soulstruck Republic. I'm your typical faith walking millennial who LOVES strategy, sales, traveling all over the world and honey-chipotle tacos.

Coaches and course creators rely on my strategic, solution-driven business sense and uncanny business development superpowers to transform their skills, talents, and ideas into successful coaching programs that pull in consistent revenue while getting your clients' braggadocious results month after month.

If there's one thing I've learned running a 6-figure business, it's you need systems, processes, and templates for EVERYTHING!

That's why I created this ultimate Digital Sales Boss Bundle so you have access to all the tools, strategy and guidance you need to market your business and get sales online.