Email Boss

Get 52 Weeks (That's 1 FULL year) of

Done-For-You Email Templates & Sequences 



Ever wonder why it takes soooo long to write ONE freakin' email?


I remember I used to ask myself this question all the time…

I could spend an hour staring at a blank screen trying to formulate the right words to type...



Then another 20 minutes trying to come up with the perfect email subject line...

I spent hours each week trying to finish ONE email. 🙄

I spent so much time on the hamster wheel trying to come up with email content it took away from valuable time I could use to serve more clients.

I soon found out I was NOT alone.

The average entrepreneur spends 28% of their workweek on email, more than 11 hours a week! 🤯

That’s crazy! It’s a HUGE time investment and time that could be spent serving more clients and operating in your zone of genius.

That’s why I created the Email Boss Bundle.

So you NEVER have to create email content from scratch again! 🙅🏽

Introducing Email Boss Bundle! 

The Email Boss Bundle is your ultimate collection of word-for-word,

money-in-the-bank, plug-n-play email templates that skyrocket

your sales while your subscribers tootsie slide in their inbox.


Offering top-quality, personality-infused email templates for creatives, coaches and a variety of other service-based entrepreneurs.

There is $$$$ in Your Email List

Do you want to learn how to write bangin' email funnels to skyrocket your sales by up to 60%?

Then, you definitely want to grab this Email Boss Bundle. It’s an EntHERpreneur's all-in-one collection of everything you need to turn your email list into a cash-generating sales machine. 🤑

Your email list is one of the most VALUABLE assets you have in your business.

Why? You don't own the social networks. You don't own your fans or followers. You can't beat the algorithm, but you own your email list and have full control of how you use it.

NOT having a money-in-the-bank email marketing strategy can leave you with…

  • 60% FEWER sales

  • More leftover inventory than you planned

  • More empty seats in your online courses than you anticipated

  • Less paid eyeballs on those digital products you spent hours (even weeks) perfecting

  • And the end-of-the-month sad face when you count up your monthly coins


You see, you can't depend on social media alone to make it rain on you. You've gotta boss up and use your email list to make it rain on yourself!

With the Email Boss Bundle, you'll get money-in-the-bank, plug-n-play email templates to build an email list of highly engaged raving fans and loyal subscribers who love to buy your products and services.

So grab your bundle and set yourself up to start selling with email if you want to rake in more $$$ with email marketing!

The ROI for email marketing is 43:1, meaning for every dollar spent on email marketing, brands generate $43. Now, hitting that average requires sending out great emails. And inside Email Boss, that’s precisely what you’ll get whether you sell coaching services or ebooks.



Here's What's Included...


Live Launch

Email Sequence

Launching something new?

This email sequence is designed to launch a new program, service, course, membership, or product to your existing email list.


Welcome Nurture

Email Sequence

In lead generation mode?

I gotchu, this email sequence is designed to nurture new subbies to your email and introduce them to your brand and services. 


5-Day Challenge

Email Sequence

Hosting a Challenge?

Say no more! This email sequence offers paint-by-number templates for what emails to send when for your ENTIRE challenge.

Value $97

Value $97

Value $97


Webinar Sales

Email Sequence

Using Webinars to Sell?

This email sequence offers pre-webinar emails to increase your webinar show up rates and post-webinar templates to increase your sales conversion rate. 



Email Sequence

Tired of leaving money on the table?

This email sequence is designed to pitch complementary products or services based on subscribers' previous buying history.


Beta Launch

Email Sequence

Need to Validate Your Offer?

This email sequence is designed

to pre-launch or beta-test your

offer before launching on

a large scale.  

Value $147

Value $97

Value $97


Weekly Engagement

Email Sequence

Don't Know What to Say?

This email sequence offer 52 week-by-week engagement and sales infused email templates. That's 1 FULL year of email templates!


High Ticket Offer

Email Sequence

Selling a High Ticket offer?

This email sequence is designed to invite your subbies to complete your application process to fill seats.


Cold Subscribers

Re-engagement Emails

Has Your List Gone Cold?

This email sequence is designed to turn old subscribers from cold to piping hot. 

Value $297

Value $127

Value $47



mockuper (5).png

Bonus 1

Email Sequence

Flow Charts

Take the guesswork out of what to send and when. When you purchase, you'll get 7 easy-to-follow email sequence flow charts so you can easily set up each email sequence and start sending emails right away.

Get Done-For-Your flow charts for the following email sequences: 

  • Live Launch Email Sequence

  • Welcome Nurture Email Sequence

  • 5-Day Challenge Email Sequence

  • Webinar Sales Sequence

  • Upsell Email Sequence

  • High ticket offer invitation sequence 

  • Beta Launch Email Sequence


Bonus 2

Email Boss Trello Board

Get all email templates and sequences strategically laid out in an easy to use Trello board template so you can easily plan and schedule your email content even faster!

Or share it with your team and track their progress. 


mockuper (7).png
mockuper (5).png

Bonus 3

Email Boss Masterclass

Really boss up your email marketing game and learn the ins and outs of email marketing in this 90-minute Email Aficionado masterclass.

Here's a whiff of what I'm covering:

  • How to quickly and easily install hardworking email funnels in your business that will help you grow your leads and sales consistently. 

  • No hype and no gimmicks. Learn my EXACT email marketing strategies to collect HUNDREDS of targeted email subscribers weekly.

  • How to create high-converting lead magnets to fill your signature offer, courses, programs like clockwork.  

VALUE $149

Bonus 4

Email Subject Line

Master File

47% of email recipients base their decision to open emails off of the subject line alone. That's why I'm giving you my exclusive list of 52 proven, email subject lines guaranteed to increase your email open rates and boost your subscriber engagement. 


mockuper (6).png

Grab Your Email Boss Bundle

Total Value $1,513

Total Investment Only $349

“WOW! This email bundle includes every type of email I need! The 52-week email template is worth the price alone. I highly recommend this bundle to anyone who wants to spend less time staring at a blank screen trying to come up with their email for their list! This bundle includes it all” 

- Breonna Queen

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I'm Ebony

"I help faith walking millennials turn their God-given purpose and expertise into a profitable online business using email marketing."

Hi, I'm Ebony Evaughn, founder of Soulstruck Republic. I'm your typical faith walking millennial who LOVES strategy, sales, traveling all over the world and honey-chipotle tacos.

I started Soulstruck Republic back in 2014 and since then I've helped hundreds of corporate professionals and entrepreneurs build profitable online businesses by turning their purpose and expertise into signature products and services that sell, using social media and email marketing.

If there's one thing I've learned running a 6-figure business, it's you need systems, processes, and templates for EVERYTHING!

That's why I created the Email Boss Bundle so entHERpreneurs can get back to serving more clients in their business instead of spending 11+ hours a week staring at a blank screen wondering what to say in emails to entice buyers and build authentic connections with their audience.