Corporate professionals and first-time entrepreneurs come to me when they are ready to package their expertise into signature services and build the online business they've always dreamed of.

I help 9-5ers, coaches, consultants, course creators, digital marketers, and other service providers use their existing expertise to create profitable, online businesses and hit consistent $10k months on repeat.

If you have a skill or expertise that can be used to transform someone’s life, career or business, it’s time for you to monetize it.

Laser-focused strategy to design & launch your online business

You're either a corporate professional with a unique skillset or expert that you want to learn how to turn into a lucrative online business or you're a first-time coach, consultant or service-based entrepreneur looking for clear steps to grow to a steady $10k a month.

Here's how I can help:

  • Transform your mindset for success

  • Find Your Business Sweet Spot (the money-making skillset or expert that you have that others are willing and ready to pay for)

  • Position Yourself As An Established Authority In Your Niche (create your unique marketing message and build credibility as the go-to expert in your industry)

  • Identify & Attract Your Kingdom Customers (the specific group of people who want to buy what you're selling)

  • Develop Your Signature Service Packaging (that premium offer people are eager to buy)

  • Build Brand Awareness & Your Online Presence (phone, webinar, social media & email marketing strategies)

  • Validate Your Business Model And Signature Offer (bulletproof your business and offer on a small scale before launching to the masses)

  • Launch! Get Leads & Sales! (Five-figure launch strategy to get clients from day 1)


I'm Ebony

"I am a business development coach and my superpower is strategy. I use this God-given gift, along with wisdom and experience to create roadmaps that help 9-5ers, coaches, consultants, and other service providers use their existing expertise to create profitable, online businesses and hit consistent $10k months.

Where others may see problems, I naturally see solutions. I have an unmatched ability to streamline processes, turn your struggles into simple, yet effective actionable steps, confusion into clarity, ideas into signature products or services and struggles into opportunities. 

If you’re serious about leveling up your life or business, let’s work! I’d love to be the source of transformation to get you from point A, where you are now to point B, launching a wildly successful online business of your dreams."

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