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An inclusive, high-vibe coaching community providing the latest business skills and digital marketing tips, to start & grow your online coaching business confidently with proven strategies, real tools and expert business coaching.

Perfect for millennial coaches and course creators who want to build a profitable coaching business without sacrificing their beliefs or values.


Kingdom Built Society

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Kingdom Built Society is a high vibe community for online women coaches who want support while building their online coaching business. Whether you are looking to launch your first coaching program or looking to scale an existing program, this community has everything you need. 

Connect with like-minded coaches, access monthly workshops, participate in interactive group challenges, join results-driven discussions, and more from our web-based community safe space.


The support you need to build a thriving coaching business.



Building an online coaching business is NOT easy! There are so many moving parts - from client onboarding, building your curriculum, marketing your program, content creation, and managing all your clients. It's no wonder many coaching programs fail and client success rates are decreasing at an astronomical rate. 


Kingdom Built Society was created to support online coaches along their coaching journey. 


It's a place where you can get help from like-minded coaches who are on the same journey or who have been where you are. You can ask questions, celebrate your wins and practice your marketing pitch. 


It's a dedicated safe space for you to share wins or ask difficult questions you don't feel comfortable sharing in public groups.


Kingdom Built Society is an opportunity to get the business guidance, support, and clarity that you need to build a purpose-led, impact-driven, and profitable coaching business in 2022 and beyond.


The best web-based community for online coaches who want to make real progress in their coaching business. 

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Here's What You Get

  • Monthly Live + OnDemand Trainings with business insight and strategies so you can find your business sweet spot, attract the right KINGDOM customers, create irresistible offers and grow your coaching business. 


  • Ebony Meets Business Private Podcast with industry secrets and behind-the-scenes content for how to unsleaze your marketing and ethically go from the first sale to full scale without sacrificing your morals.

  • Community-driven Coaches Lounge of like-minded faith-walking millennial women coaches ready to uplift and support you. Get to know other like-minded coaches who just get it. Inside the lounge you can ask questions, get feedback and receive support, allowing you to build momentum with others who are on the same path.

  • Business Tools + Resources Get unlimited access to business guides with step-by-step videos, done-for-you templates & worksheets, swipe files to help you move the needle in your business. Plus, exclusive BTS looks at my exact systems.

  • Amazing Members Only Rewards + Perks for contributing community members. Take advantage of your membership with exclusive discounts at, get priority preference for group retreats, meetups and events, get dibs on new products and services, get opportunities to promote your business, host your own community workshops, win gift cards + other prizes and get access to  never before seen or shared content. 

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Research shows that the people you surround yourself with determine 95% of your success or failure in life. Come hang with us and watch success rub off on you.

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Listennnn, I've bought tons of courses and joined programs that simply didn't deliver on their promises. Kingdom Built Society is NOT another one of those.


I’m so confident in Kingdom Built Society, I am putting the risk 110% on my shoulders – and off yours with a no-questions-asked 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Try Kingdom Built Society for 30 days. Join the community, participate in the discussion, watch the business trainings, apply the strategies and use the swipe files. If you don't agree that you're getting wayyy more value than what you pay each month, then simply cancel your monthly subscription and part ways - no love lost, of course.


Your Kingdom Built Society membership includes all the training videos, swipe files, fill-in-the-blank templates, business systems and resources you need to build a thriving coaching business.  Now I could easily slap a $2,000 price tag on everything included in your membership, but you're getting all of this ... all for less than $3 a day.

Here's the truth:

I'm tired of poor customer service, lackluster coaching programs, manipulative marketing tactics plaguing the online coaching industry. I want to change the standard, bringing quality, client success, and integrity back to online coaching. But I can't do it alone, that's why I created this safe space for purpose-led, impact-driven coaches.

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Is Kingdom Built Society Right for You?


Kingdom Built Society is a high-vibe, supportive community, we only accept community members we believe will add the most value to our community safe space. Our ideal members:

  • Are existing (or aspiring) online coaches and course creators

  • Are millennial career professionals turned service-based entrepreneurs

  • Care about people, especially their clients and community members

  • Want support to grow their online coaching business

  • Are kind, compassionate, and empathetic

  • Are purpose-driven and client-focused

  • Care about client success, positive impact, and purpose

  • Reject sleazy marketing and sales tactics and lead with integrity

  • Are vocal and active in online and offline communities

  • Don't mind being social on social media

  • Love God, but know all the lyrics to Knuck If You Buck

If that sounds like you, we will love for you to become a valued member of our high-impact web-based community. 

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Who Kingdom Built Society Is NOT For ...


Kingdom Built Society is a curated safe space for like-minded coaches, this support community is NOT a good fit if you:

  • Are solely a product-based business

  • Don't have a validated skill or demonstrated expertise

  • Are a serial learner who buys courses with zero intention to implement what you've learned

  • Are a sleazy internet marketer

  • Value transactions more than client success and results.

  • Are overly formal and don't like a relaxed environment

  • Are a time sucker who spends hours on social media but never has time to level up your coaching business

  • Are only money-driven, materialistic or use money as a primary selling tool

  • Tend to point out problems rather than solutions

If that sounds like you, no hard feelings but you are not gonna like it here. 

Choose Your Plan

Perfect for existing entrepreneurs looking for accountability and community while building an existing coaching business.

Membership Perks Include:

Ebony Meets Business Private Podcast
Private Access to Coaches Lounge
Access to 6-Figure Business Toolkit
OnDemand Mini Business Trainings
Monthly Community-Led Workshops
Member's Only Deals, Discounts, and Offers








Perfect for new or existing coaches who need a clear road map but minimum guidance to create, launch, and grow their business.

Everything in Champion, plus:

Access to Live Q&A Sessions

Marketing Monday Vault
Monthly Business Challenges
Business & Marketing Training Led By Ebony
Weekly Marketing Content Ideas & Templates
Early Access to New Products & Services





Perfect for new coaches who need a clear road map with intense guidance, support, and feedback to create, launch and grow their coaching business.

Everything in Rockstar, Plus:

Monthly Coach's Corner Mastermind
Unlimited Access to Program Audits 
Unlimited Access to Offer Reviews
Advertise Your Business
Host Virtual Community Events
Highlighted Member Profile
Priority Access to Group Retreats & Live Events

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What People Are Saying

Bridgette E

If you take part in this program you will end up leaving with so much value that you will end up feeling like you should've paid more. It's a million and one consultants out here...I'm one of them. At times it's hard and scary to trust someone with your time and money. This course will give you a return on your investment almost immediately. 

Alicia R

“Man this course was so amazing I can definitely tell Ebony put her all in this course...she give step by step directions and also includes videos to help take your purpose to the next level and turn it into profit!”

Angela S.

I am so happy I could cry! AMAZING! Ebony’s program is the best program there is. Her approach is innovative and challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone. Well worth the small financial and time investment! I was able to go from being unemployed being my own boss. I still can’t believe it.  


I'm Ebony

"I help coaches build irresistible, profitable online  coaching programs that produce amazing client results and more impact."

I’m Ebony Evaughn, your favorite Business Launch Strategist and founder of the Soulstruck Republic.


Coaches and course creators rely on my strategic, solution-driven business sense and uncanny business development superpowers to transform their skills, talents, and ideas into successful coaching programs that pull in consistent revenue while getting your clients' braggadocios results month after month.

My super power is strategy. Where others may see problems, I naturally see solutions. I have an unmatched ability to streamline processes, turn your struggles into simple, yet effective actionable steps, confusion into clarity, ideas into signature products or services and struggles into opportunities.

If you’re ready to turn your struggles into streamlined processes, your confusion into clarity and your woes into wins, pull up on me inside Kingdom Built Society. 

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