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$10k Launch Kit


A profit-boosting launch kit that takes you from A-Z for launching and selling out your next offer, without the stress and overwhelm of doing #allthethings.

Every year there are over 30.5 million product launches and 95% of them fail. The biggest contributing factor to a failed launch is lack of preparation.


I've been behind hundreds of online business launches and I've noticed a common theme.


When it comes to launching a business most entrepreneurs start by:

Choosing perfectly curated brand colors and a logo
Building a fancy-schmancy website
Then securing usernames on all social media platforms

While having these things in place is good... it shouldn't be your starting point if you want a profitable launch.

The problem with this approach is most entrepreneurs tend to focus on branding while winging their profit plan and launch strategy as afterthoughts.

The truth is...

If you want to have a successful launch that gets new clients, produces results, and generates revenue, you need to start with your launch strategy which includes your profit plan, launch system, marketing strategy, and sales delivery system.

And that's exactly why I created the Launch Kit Boss Bundle.


Get my 5-phase launch system that is easy-to-follow, and includes all of your launch essentials needed to successfully plan and execute your FIRST $10k launch!


Take the guesswork out of launching your offer.

"If you take part in this course you will end up leaving with so much value that you will end up feeling like you should've paid more. It's a million and one consultants out here...I'm one of them. At times it's hard and scary to trust someone with your time and money. This course will give you a return on your investment almost immediately." - Bridgette Edmondson

Introducing ...
$10k Launch Kit

Bundle Mockups (18).png

The online entrepreneur's secret weapon for sold-out launches that attract dream clients in record time, even if you've never launched anything before or launched in failed in the past.

Perfect for coaches, course creators, and online service providers.

Walk away with:

  • Industry insight for what it takes to have a profitable sell-out launch each and every time you launch something new.

  • The inside scoop on how to create sales pages that increase conversions and turn those browsers into buyers. 

  • The skill and confidence to effectively promote your business online with confidence and ease.

  • The 5-phases of your launch cycle and what to do in each launch phase to boost your sales.

  • How to generate leads quickly so you can validate your offer and start generating revenue before you even officially launch. 

  • Finally, launch your online business and start attracting your DREAM clients you've been telling yourself is possible... even if you have a small audience or have failed in the past. 

Get clarity, support and guidance like Danisha:

When I signed up, I was at a place where I really didn’t know what I needed to have in a signature program to attract the right clients that I wanted to serve.  There was so much noise on the internet space, I felt frustrated and overwhelmed. I was able to get clear about my signature offer, my values and exactly what was needed in order to bring transformation to the women that I serve. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should work with Ebony or whether you should give this a try, I say do it! You'll definitely get is clarity, the support you need and you’ll get no fluff in how the program is delivered and how you are able to execute it successfully. So Ebony THANK YOU so much, I wouldn’t have been able to launch my own program without going through your framework. I really appreciate everything that you have done and the continued support that I receive. 

Danisha Bailey


Are you ready for your
sold-out launch?!

When you get this Launch Kit Boss Bundle, you'll immediately get access to the strategy, tools and resources needed to create and launch your online program.

Listen, there are so many moving parts to launching your coaching program, course, or online service that it's easy to get lost in the sauce. But not when you have the Launch Kit Boss Bundle as your secret weapon. 

Whether you are launching your entire business for the first time or launching a new digital product or service, you KNOW you need a SOLID launch strategy and these launch essentials for success. 

Inside the Launch Kit Boss Bundle, I walk you through every stage of your launch and provide everything you need to launch profitably with confidence and ease.

Grab your Launch Kit Boss Bundle Now

Take A Peek Inside

$10K Launch Kit

LAUNCH MAP / Plan Your Launch

(Value $129)


MAP OUT AND PLAN YOUR LAUNCH PHASES. Get my easy-to-follow launch map breaking down all the essential elements you’ll need to launch your coaching program, course, digital product, or online service, including a step-by-step launch blueprint and timeline. 

What We'll Work On


+ Set Your Launch Goal

+ Create Your Launch Timeline


PULPIT BUILDER  / Attract Your Perfect Customers 

(Value $97)


IDENTIFY AND ATTRACT THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO YOUR BUSINESS. We call your ideal customers your pulpit. This is the distinct group of people who need your unique skillset and services. We call your perfect customers KINGDOM customers or KCAs for short. These are the people you are meant to serve so you can have a positive impact and grow your influence. In this session, you will learn how to get clarity on whom you help and how you can best serve them for the greatest impact so you can identify and attract your target audience.

What We'll Work On


+ Identify Your KCA

+ Find Your Pulpit


OFFER PLANNER / Create Your Irresistible Offer

(Value $199)


CREATE YOUR SIGNATURE OFFER PEOPLE ARE EAGER TO BUY. With this paint-by-numbers guided offer planner, I’ll virtually hold your hand to create your irresistible offer. In addition, you will learn the best practices for creating signature products and services that people are willing and ready to purchase from you. You will also create a diverse portfolio of products and services to create your $100k plan with multiple streams of income..

What We'll Work On


Create Your Irresistible Offer

+ Name + Tagline Your Offer

+ Add Your Entice Factor



EMAIL TEMPLATES / Promote Your Launch with Email 

(Value $399)


CRAFT YOUR MONEY-MAKING LAUNCH EMAILS. Get my ultimate collection of money-in-the-bank, plug-and-send emails for each phase of your launch. Warning these emails are strategically designed specifically to engage and move your subscribers from readers to action-takers.

What We'll Work On


+ Fill in Your Launch Emails

+ Schedule Your Emails


SOCIAL MEDIA TEMPLATES / Promote On Social Media

(Value $349)


CRAFT YOUR CASH-GENERATING SM POSTS. Get my exclusive collection of cash-generating, plug-and-post social media captions for each phase of your launch so you can flood your social media with compelling, personality-infused content to turn your followers into raving clients. 

What We'll Work On


+ Fill in Your Launch Posts

+ Schedule Your SM Posts

SALES PAGE WORKSHOP  / Write Your High-Converting Sales Page (Value $299)


CREATE A HIGH-PERFORMING SALES PAGE. Get the inside scoop on the secret sales copywriting skills you need to create your own high-converting sales pages and drastically boost your launch revenue. BONUS: Example Sales Pages you can use to tweak-copy-go to promote your products and services.

What We'll Work On


Create Your Sales Page

+ Write Your Headline

+ Craft Action-Driven CTAs


BONUS WORKSHOP  / Lead Magnets That Convert  (Value $199)


CREATE A HIGH-VALUE LEAD MAGNET. Build your audience with targeted, QUALIFIED leads primed and ready to buy from you with this lead-attracting lead magnet workshop. Annnd get a BONUS training on how to drive traffic to your lead magnet and offers.

What We'll Work On


+ Choose Your Freebie

+ Create Your Lead Magnet

+ Generate Leads OnDemand


BONUS WORKSHOP  / Market Your Business With Ease + Confidence (Value $97)


CRAFT YOUR MARKETING MESSAGE. The ultimate guide to mastering compelling copy. Learn how to speak your ideal client's language. Discover where your audience hangs out and how they are talking about their problems so you can join the conversation already going on in your prospects' minds to boost your sales.

What We'll Work On


+ Identify Client Language

+ Identify Audience Needs

+ Create Marketing Message


The Bottom Line Is ...

This launch kit will walk you through my step-by-step process to create, launch and promote your offer.


Avoid common launch mistakes that will cost you time, energy, and money with my step-by-step profit-boosting launch system to attract clients sell out your next launch.


This launch kit won't be around forever...


This is a limited-time deal as I typically only share this power-pack launch kit with my launch accelerator members, but for a limited time, I'm making it available to the public. 

Wooden Furnitures

Grab $10k Launch Kit Boss Bundle... quick!

Bundle Mockups (18).png

Easy-To-Follow Launch Map ....................................................................... (Value $129)

Pulpit Builder ............................................................................................................ (Value $97)

Irresistible Offer Planner ................................................................................ (Value $199)

Money-In-The-Bank Email Templates ............................................... (Value $399)

Cash-Generating Social Media Post Templates ......................... (Value $349)

Sales Pages Made Simple Masterclass .............................................. (Value $299)

BONUS: Lead Magnets That Convert Workshop ........................... (Value $199)

BONUS: Marketing Your Message Masterclass ............................... (Value $97)

Total Value $1,768
Regular Price $99

Today's Price Only $59

Get a ROI with your first paying clients like Marcia:

"I got 8 clients! This program has been such a blessing. It’s the biggest investment I’ve made outside of my MBA that I can say I actually see the value. I am not the same person now that I was before this program. Ebony is truly a Godsend. There are people with larger platforms whose program doesn't even compare."

Marcia Armstrong


I'm Ebony

"I teach corporate professionals and first-time entrepreneurs how to use their existing expertise to create profitable, online businesses and hit consistent $10k months on repeat."

Hi, I'm Ebony Evaughn, founder of Soulstruck Republic and the creator of the Launch Kit Boss Bundle.  I'm your typical faith walking millennial who LOVES strategy, sales, traveling and honey-chipotle tacos.

But most importantly to you, I am your favorite business launch strategist in these internet streets. Coaches and course creators rely on my strategic, solution-driven business sense and uncanny business development superpowers to transform their skills, talents, and ideas into successful coaching programs that pull in consistent revenue while getting your clients' braggadocios results month after month.

Since 2015, I've coached aspiring entrepreneurs to build the online businesses they've always dreamed of and generate more income with proven sales systems and soul.

I went from being an underpaid and undervalued HR training instructor to becoming a successful online entrepreneur, tripling my salary within 3 years, all by monetizing my purpose and expertise, packaging my valuable skillset into signature high-ticket services. I am determined to share the strategies I've used to help YOU experience similar growth.  

If you’re ready to turn your struggles into streamlined processes, your confusion into clarity and your woes into wins, this Launch Kit Boss Bundle is perfect for you.

I put soooo much into this launch kit to make sure you have the tools and mentorship you need to jump-start your business success for 2022!

Launch your next offer with confidence and ease.

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