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Marketing Your Message

The failproof guide for winning clients online.

Speak your ideal clients' language, discover where your audience hangs out online and the exact words they are using to talk about their problems and desires so you know how to communicate with your tribe.

Ready to market your message?

Real talk …

What’s your marketing game like?

Are your social media posts turning you into a social media superstar?

Are your emails pulling in a tribe of raving fans?

Are your sales pages selling out your products and services every time you drop the link?

Or does it feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel …

Because you’re hustling to post on social media, send emails and push out text message notifications – every single day. But…

Nobody’s liking your posts. Nobody’s opening your emails. Or buying your products or services.


blank stare.gif

So what’s an ambitious, smart solopreneur who feels stuck and unseen to do?

Three words: Perfect. Your. Messaging.

Ever wonder how 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs pump out tons of value-packed content that makes their fans squeal with delight as they throw their credit cards at them?


Yep, these entrepreneurs have perfected their marketing message. They’re building big brands, launching 7-figure programs, and changing millions of lives.

And you can too.

I’m Ebony Evaughn, a business coach and digital sales strategist.

Before building my current 6-figure business, I had no clue how to market my business and attract clients online.

I’d post random sales posts on Instagram and expect a wave of Stripe payment notifications to pop up on my phone. But it was crickets.

Then out of desperation and frustration, I’d send out a random flash sale to my email list. Still nothing.

I couldn’t help but wonder, why was I failing so bad?

These marketing strategies worked for other entrepreneurs, so why wasn’t it working for me?

While I was struggling to get see a few sales trickling in here and there, my peers were blowing past me and smashing the 6-figure mark.

I asked myself, what was it that these entrepreneurs had that I didn’t? What made them different?

And that’s when it hit me.

It was their messaging.

These entrepreneurs had all mastered their marketing message.

It was captivating.

It was influential.

It resonated with their audience.

And that’s when I knew if I wanted to start attracting my dream clients and build a loyal audience, I needed to do the same.

I invested in marketing courses, psychology books and spent hours reading articles about sociology and mental triggers that influence buying habits.

And I finally cracked the code on how to effectively market my business with the right messaging.

It changed everything for me and my private coaching clients too. You see, it’s easy to win clients online when you know what to say and how to say it.

The problem is, most entrepreneurs have no idea what to say.

And that’s why I created the Marketing Your Message masterclass.



Marketing Your Message


The failproof guide for winning clients online, perfect for coaches, course creators, and online service providers who want to win over their audience with words that sell.

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This 90-minute, power-packed masterclass will help you …

  • Get the facts on what marketing REALLY is

  • Become crystal CLEAR with your messaging so you avoid confusing your audience

  • Identify the best places to find the exact words your ideal clients are using to describe their problems and desires

  • Enhance your ability to craft compelling social media content by learning the anatomy of social selling

  • Choosing the RIGHT marketing communication style for your business based on your unique skills

  • Avoid freebie seekers and tire kickers so you can grow your audience with the RIGHT people who are ready to buy

You Don't Want to Miss This Workshop



Time is of the essence, enroll now to perfect your message so you can start repelling the wrong audience and start attracting the right audience.

Here’s the truth:

I’m tired of seeing unclear, confusing messaging and I want to change that. But I can’t do it alone. Let me help you believe in yourself, that YOU are capable of building an engaged audience of raving fans and loyal customers when you learn the power of messaging. I’ve brown it down and given away all of my messaging secrets so you too can become an online rockstar with impact, income and influence.

Grab Your Seat Now

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Total Value $399
Regular Price $67
Today's Price $27


I'm Ebony

"I teach 9-5ers, coaches, consultants, course creators, digital marketers, and other service providers how to use their existing expertise to create profitable, online businesses and hit consistent $10k months on repeat using digital marketing."

Hi, I'm Ebony Evaughn, founder of Soulstruck Republic. I'm your typical faith walking millennial who LOVES strategy, sales, traveling all over the world, and honey-chipotle tacos.


Coaches and course creators rely on my strategic, solution-driven business sense and uncanny business development superpowers to transform their skills, talents, and ideas into successful coaching programs that pull in consistent revenue while getting your clients' braggadocious results month after month.

If you’re ready to turn your struggles into streamlined processes, your confusion into clarity and your woes into wins, pull up on me inside the Marketing Your Message Masterclass. 

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