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 "I help ambitious, faith walking millennials turn their purpose & expertise into profitable online businesses using social media and my Purpose 2 Profits


Build. Authenticate. Empower.

Ebony is a purpose-driven business coach who helps faith walking millennials leverage their life experiences, education and God-given purpose to build profitable, purpose-driven online businesses. She has A LOT of knowledge and experience to share.  Ebony specializes in purpose discovery, entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

Ebony is the founder of Soulstruck Republic. She is also the creator of EntHERpreneurU and Kingdom Built.  Earning her Bachelors in Business Administration and minor in Sociology from Henderson State University she moved forward to earn her Masters in Human Resources Management and Business Administration from University of Maryland University College.

Ebony is an advocate for women empowerment, who is fiercely committed to improving the lives and well-being of women around the world.  Ebony is huge on community service and involvement; which fuels her passion for serving others.  She has spent time volunteering for many local chapters and global volunteer networks to include DEFY, Women for Women International, March of Dimes, African Library Project, and American Cancer Association, which keeps her grounded and in touch with the community around her.  Ebony has visited many countries such as United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Czech Republic which influences and heightens her creativity and eccentric perceptions in personal and business aspects. 


Truly inspirational, she is a prodigy at constructing safe havens that generate connections, validity, and discoveries of self.  Her vision is to see all women of color living life in their greatest capacity in all aspects of their lives.


I am Ebony, God’s beloved daughter, with gifts of administration, exhortation and servitude strategically handcrafted by God to empower and authenticate a generation of world changers. I am an ambitious, freedom-seeking soul, striving to live a fearless life, inspiring others to do the same.


I am a born teacher and trailblazer.  My superpower is strategy. I use this God-given gift, along with wisdom and experience to create roadmaps that help others accomplish life, career and business goals.

Where others may see problems, I naturally see solutions. I have an unmatched ability to streamline processes, turn your struggles into simple, yet effective actionable steps, confusion into clarity, ideas into signature products or services and struggles into opportunities.

I come alive when I am able to use strategy to make difficulties easy for others. (You know kinda like when Superman jets off flying high into the sky.) I’m able to see the big picture and map out the necessary steps to get to the desired results in the most efficient and economical way possible.

I am a student of my profession always learning new things to sharpen my crafts. I am a woman of many talents and passions. I am a creative entrepreneur, encourager, coach, problem solver and purpose pusher. I work hard and I play hard. I love teaching while sharing my uniquely designed gifts with others, traveling the world exploring new place, embracing new experiences and trying new things.

I stay connected to my spirituality through daily prayer and affirmations. I long to see myself as God sees me and to see others as God sees them, manifesting the glory of God that is within us. I am walking the path of my higher purpose and I have a clear, joyous vision of where I want to go. I am delighted in embracing my purpose. When I delight myself in my purpose, I invite others to delight in their purpose. I am a happy successful black woman.

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