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When it comes to landing a job, it's all about your interviewing skills. And Ebony is the best at helping you overcome your interview fears and refining your pitch.  Ease your jitters and be more calm, cool and confident in your next interview by preparing with Ebony.  Discover the right way to answer the dreaded, “Tell me about yourself,” and other touch questions about money, your weaknesses, and any gaps in your work experience.  Based on your current situation, you’ll learn what the interviewers really want to know, the best way to answer tough questions, and how to close the deal.


A typical session is approximately 60 minutes and includes understanding how to prepare for an interview, reviewing possible interview questions the interviewer may ask, and practicing how to successfully answer questions in an interview situation.


What you get:

• Preliminary chat and mock interview
• Mock interview feedback
• A customized personal career statement to pitch your skills
• Email support for questions following session
• A complimentary subscription to our monthly newsletter

Private Interview Prep Session

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