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Sales Page Boss

Finally Crush Your ‘High-Converting’ Sales Page Copy … In Just ONE Afternoon

Put An End to Poor Performing Sales Pages And Confidently Boost Your Sales Conversions Once And For All!

Adding power words to your sales page can boost conversions by 266% or more.

Learn the Secret Copywriting Skills You Need To Create Your Own High-Converting Sales Pages and Drastically Boost Your Revenue


Even if you’re just starting out or you’ve never written a sales page before.



You KNOW you have an amazing product or service that the world needs, but you’re struggling to translate all of that awesome goodness you have to offer into a compelling sales message that turns page visitors into buyers.

But right about now you’re wondering:

How do I write an emotion-inducing sales message?

How do I craft enticing call-to-actions that get onlookers to buy from me?

How do I make my offers sound appealing and “brand new” each time I mention it?

How do I get people to buy now rather than later?



At least no profitable and successful business.

What’s copy?

Copy is all that text (or words) on your sales page that gets people to do what you want them to do.

And the art of writing such action-driven words is called copywriting.

You see, if you want to build a thriving online business, one where your products and services reach their full potential, you need toe-curling, spine-tingling copy that motivates your audience to hit the buy button.

I’m talking about the type of copy that increases your revenue by 60 percent.

The type of copy that pulls in $14,000 revenue in 3 days.

The type of copy that sells out your program in less than 24 hours.

You see where I’m going with this?

taking notes.gif

Flooding your business with the right words can boost your profits month after month, even while working less.

That’s why I created Sales Page Boss.

A zero-fluff, secrets-filled sales writing workshop for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to crush their sales pages so you get the must-have sales copywriting skills to rake in more traffic, leads, and sales.



Sales Page Boss

A power-packed, profit-boosting workshop and toolkit bundle that will dramatically improve your sales page conversions and drastically increase your sales. Perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to create high-converting sales pages to pull in consistent revenue month after month.

Bundle Mockups (19).png

Get the inside scoop on:

  • The anatomy of a high converting sales page that makes your products and services sound appealing and buyer worthy

  • 4 key elements of a high-converting sales page needs to add urgency to get prospects to buy now rather than later

  • 5 tweaks you can make to revive any dead sales page and start turning a profit

  • How to frame an engaging sales story that includes emotion


No need to hire an expensive copywriter.

No need to hire an expensive website designer.

No need to hire an expensive graphic designer.


Just exactly what you need to get your high-converting sales pages built using secret money-making sales writing strategies like my clients do.



Here's What's Included:


In this profit-boosting workshop, you’ll learn industry secrets that top marketers and copywriters use to create high-performing sales pages. Get a full breakdown of all the elements you'll need to include on your sales or opt-in page to get browsers to take action.  Then you’ll have the opportunity to follow along with step-by-step guidance to write your own sales page while dramatically reducing your path to crafting your perfect sales page that pulls in more sales, more leads and more clients.



Get step-by-step guidance to create sales pages that turn browsers into buyers without hesitation. This workbook comes with all the templates, worksheets and cheat codes that will help you crush your sales message in a fraction of the time. Create your sales page in minutes instead of days with this incredible resource guide.



Get plug-n-play, customizable digital assets to create your own branded product mockups so you can increase the value and irresistibility factor of your offers. Plus, these mockups can be used for email and social media too!



And Get These Amazing Bonuses That Will Multiply Your Results

and bottom line




I know how critical sales copywriting is, so I'm giving you an exclusive sales page audit. Just send me the link to the sales page you want me to review and I'll audit it and make any necessary tweaks to ensure you maximize your conversions and pull in all the sales. 



Now I'm very well aware if you're here, you probably already have a few poor-performing sales pages that aren't converting. That's why I'm including this bonus workshop with 5 small, but powerful tweaks you can make to revive your existing sales page that isn't selling.




The ultimate guide to mastering compelling copy. Learn how to speak your ideal clients' language. Discover where your audience hangs out and how they are talking about their problems so you can join the conversation already going on in your prospects' minds to boost your sales.

Sales Page Boss

Secure Your Seat Now

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Sales Page Boss Masterclass ................................. (Value $199)

Sales Page Boss Playbook ..................................... (Value $149)

Sales Page Boss Digital Asset Templates ............... (Value $97)

BONUS Sales Page Boss Audit .............................. (Value $295)

BONUS Sales Page Antidote Workshop ............... (Value $149)

BONUS Marketing Your Message ........................... (Value $97)

Total Value $986
Today's Price $47


I'm Ebony

"I teach 9-5ers, coaches, consultants, course creators, digital marketers, and other service providers how to use their existing expertise to create profitable, online businesses and hit consistent $10k months on repeat using social media."

Hi, I'm Ebony Evaughn, founder of Soulstruck Republic. I'm your typical faith walking millennial who LOVES strategy, sales, traveling all over the world, and honey-chipotle tacos.


I started Soulstruck Republic back in 2014 and I had to figure a lot of things out through trial and error. I've learned a lot of business skills along the way but it wasn't until I tapped into sales copywriting that I noticed a drastic increase in my sales and I learned how powerful words really are. 

That's why I created the Sales Page Boss so you can get the sales copywriting skills you need to flood your business with the right words to boost your profits month after month. Start working less hours and let your words work for YOU!

Are You Ready to Boost Your Bottom Line with A High performing Sales Page?


One well-written sales page could literally be the difference between a successful business and one that never gets off the ground.

Here’s the truth:

Your customers are waiting for you to show up and create value and solutions that they need, but you have to show up with the RIGHT marketing message that makes it crystal clear you have exactly what your audience wants and needs.

The best part? These sales page copywriting strategies are timeless.

Yes, trends change, markets change and sales tactics change. But the true, core foundation of sales writing in a way that makes you money has remained virtually untouched so you can use these same strategies over and over again every time you create something new.

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