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Hi! I’m Ebony Evaughn

I’m a career and business coach who helps young professional black women leverage their education and God-given purpose to step into more authentic careers. If your dream job doesn't exist I'll help you create it.

Soulstruck Scholarship

I want to help you if you're ready to become a bigger version of yourself.


I want to work with you if you're ready to become the kind of woman who doesn't say things like "one day" or "someday" or "I wish I could, but I can't."


As you may know, I've been building a conscious community filled with positive black women who BELIEVE in themselves and are willing to do what it takes to manifest their desires.


Finances are no excuse not to achieve your goals. That’s why I established Soulstruck Scholarships.


Soulstruck Scholarships are awards of financial aid for a student to further their career development and entrepreneurship based on the values and mission of Soulstruck Republic and EntHERpreneurU.


Consider applying for a scholarship if you're interested in joining one of the following programs:

  • Resume Master 1-on-1 Session

  • Interview Prep 1-on-1 Session

  • Career Strategy 1-on-1 Session

  • Discover Your Purpose Online Program

  • Master Your Resume Online Program

  • Interview Like A Boss Online Masterclass

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Client Praise

“I had been applying for job after job with no response from anyone.  I worked with Ebony in one resume session, then I got 3 job interviews in less than 4 weeks. I couldn’t believe it!” Cynthia G.

“I was afraid my employment gap would raise concerns for potential employers, but after working with Ebony, she taught me how to flip the interview around so that I had the opportunity during the interview to explain my gaps in a positive way. I went into my interview more confident than ever!” Kendra K.

“I just graduated from college, I felt I needed to only pursue entry-level positions to get my foot in the door.  Ebony showed me how to leverage my education to qualify for more jobs and not to settle for what I thought I could get. Ebony’s career strategy formula lead me to my dream job.” Sequinta P.

“After job hunting for over a year, I hired Ebony and started getting interviews in weeks. Thanks to Ebony’s resume tweaks I started hearing back from a flood of interviewers.” Krystal Y.

About Your Coach

Ebony is a professional speaker, coach, and author dedicated to helping women create their ideal lives and careers.

After serving as a workforce development training consultant, Ebony realized the same tools she used for professional development training were applicable in personal development too. Not only were these principles applicable but personal and professional lines are often blurred together. In order for individuals to be success there must be cohesion between one’s mind, body and soul in all aspects of life to achieve perfect peace and harmony. Ebony is the author of Purpose Playbook: A Woman’s Guide to Discover a Life of Purpose and founder of Soulstruck Republic, an online community inspiring modern day women to live their ideal life through personal and professional development.

In a nutshell, Ebony helps young professional black woman leverage their education and skills to land their dream job or create it.  Ebony is a professional speaker and coach who specializes in entrepreneurship, leadership building, women empowerment, building constructive relationships, personal and professional development through training, consultation, and facilitation.