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Client and contractor


The Must-Have Client Management System To Wow Your Clients At Every Stage of The Customer Journey

Get everything you need to build strong client relationships, increase client satisfaction, boost credibility, and skyrocket business revenue like never before!



You're Not Alone

You’re struggling to organize and keep track of client data, communications, and project details, leading to disorganization, frustration, and inefficiency.

You don’t have a solid system to gather client feedback, so you struggle to understand your clients’ needs and preferences, making it difficult to evolve your services.

Your client onboarding process is cumbersome with multiple steps and manual tasks that eat up your valuable time that could be spent serving existing clients.

You’re faced with low client retention due to a lack of  systems and strategies to build strong, long-lasting relationships and keep your clients engaged and satisfied.


Client management system for coaches
  • Lack of Organization: Without a centralized system for managing client information and communication, you easily become overwhelmed and disorganized, leading to inefficiency and missed opportunities.

  • Manual Processes: Relying on manual processes for client onboarding, conflict resolution, and communication can be time-consuming and prone to errors, which can hinder productivity, decrease client satisfaction, and increase refunds or chargebacks.

  • Limited Resources: A lack of resources and infrastructure to implement robust client management systems and strategies results in ad hoc approaches that are not scalable or sustainable.

  • Communication Breakdowns: Ineffective communication practices, such as unclear expectations or delayed responses, can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts with clients, damaging relationships and reputation.

  • Lack of Experience: Lack of experience or training in client management and business operations leads to missed opportunities for client retention and gaps in knowledge and skills that hinder your ability to serve your clients effectively. 


You see, with the right client management systems, tools, or techniques, you can easily manage your client workload and maximize your business impact without stress, overwhelm, or letting anything slip through the cracks.


Life After

Life Before

Overwhelmed by the demands of managing client relationships spending hours each week manually organizing client data and managing projects, leading to burnout and dissatisfaction.
Struggling to showcase client successes and testimonials in a compelling and professional manner, hindering efforts to attract new clients and build credibility.
Difficulty to retain clients and maintain consistent communication due to a lack of effective retention strategies and communication practices.
Effortlessly manage client data and stay on top of projects with a centralized platform to reduce stress, increase organization and enjoyment in your business.
Easily gather client feedback to showcase achievements and testimonials, enhancing credibility and attracting new clients to expand your clientele.
Maintain seamless and proactive communication with clients to build stronger, lasting client relationships, leading to increased loyalty, repeat business, and referrals.

Get It Now



ServeCORRECT is your all-in-one client care and management bundle meticulously crafted for savvy online service providers who want to expand your online business, streamline your client interactions, boost satisfaction, and drive long-term success in your business.

Client Management Bundle
Work Station
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Simplify Task Management

Easily assign tasks to team members or yourself, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Enhance Organization

Tap into automated workflows, so you can focus on delivering exceptional service.

Personalize Client Experience

Build meaningful connections that foster trust and loyalty with a tailored approach.

Increase Client Satisfaction

Wow your clients with world-class  client care and support that leaves a lasting impression.

Scale Your Business

Scale your operations effortlessly while maintaining the highest standards of care.

Picture this ...

Imagine waking up each morning feeling energized and inspired, knowing that your business is running like a well-oiled machine.


You'll finally experience the freedom and flexibility you've been craving, as:

  • mundane tasks are automated

  • workflows are optimized

  • client interactions are seamlessly managed


No more endless back-and-forth emails, missed appointments, or frantic scrambling to keep up with your ever-growing to-do list. ServeCORRECT empowers you to take back control of your time and focus on the high-impact activities that drive real results for your business.

With Servecorrect

Here's WHAT's inside 

The Contents

Client Portal

Part 1

Never miss a beat with a ready-to-use client management platform with integrated communication and project management features for effortless organization and management of client data, all in one convenient platform that revolutionizes how you connect with your clients.

Value $199

Notion Client Portal for Coaches
Client Onboarding Checklist for Coaches

ServeCORRECT Client

Onboarding Checklist

Part 2

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a structured process that sets the stage for success right from the start with this comprehensive checklist to streamline your client onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your clients.

Value $30

ServeCORRECT Prospect Templates

Part 3

Present your services with confidence using our professionally crafted service proposal and portfolio templates to showcase your expertise and leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

Value $129

Client Service Proposal Template for Coaches

Special Offer


desk decor_edited.jpg



The ultimate conflict resolution guide to  handle conflicts like a pro with our expert conflict resolution strategies and communication tools.


Tactfully resolve conflicts with your clients, turn misunderstandings into opportunities for growth, and strengthen your client relationships along the way.

Value $49

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Plug-and-play client feedback templates to boost your credibility and attract new clients with compelling client success stories, reviews, and testimonials.


With these customizable client feedback and survey templates that make it easy to showcase your clients' achievements and highlight your impact.

Value $99




Word-for-word client communication scripts that will have you waving goodbye to writer's block and saying hello to harmonious partnerships.

Get scripts for various client communication scenarios, such as follow-ups, check-ins, and thank-you messages, we've got you covered with templates for every scenario.

Value $79


Buy Now

Client Management Bundle

ServeCORRECT Client Portal ........................................................ (Value $199)
ServeCORRECT Client Onboarding Checklist .................... (Value $30)
ServeCORRECT Prospect Templates ...................................... (Value $129)
ResolvCORRECT Conflict Resolution Guide ......................... (Value $49)
SatisfyCORRECT Client Feedback Templates ................... (Value $99)
RespondCORRECT Client Communication Scripts ........ (Value $79)

Total Value $585

Today's Price Only $99

Hi, I am EBONY

Business Operations Manager

As an experienced online business operations manager, I bring over 9 years of expertise in strategic business planning, operational management, and client care optimization. I specialize in supporting high-profile online businesses, leveraging my skills in system automation, process optimization, and team building to help them scale their businesses effectively.


I created ServeCORRECT as an affordable alternative to hiring an OBM. It’s the culmination of my passion for empowering online coaches, freelancers, and consultants with the tools and strategies you need to serve your clients and grow your business.

Love, Ebony

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