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010. Beyond the Status Quo: A Freedom Lifestyle

Who’s controlling your life, your decisions? I know you’re pondering what do you mean who controls my life…I do or God does, right?! Sure unpretentiously that is what we all would like to think, but is that our reality? For most of us the actual answer is most likely money and/or your job. Shocked?

Well, let’s put this into perspective. Where do you spend the majority of your time? Work. Who do you spend much of your time with? Your coworkers. Do you choose to spend most of your time at work with coworkers? In most cases… no. Even if we love our jobs or what we do, most of us would not choose to spend the bulk of our time at work, but why you we do this? For money, a false sense of security that comes with having a routine paycheck, but it really isn’t the money that we seek, it’s what we think money can get us. And what determines where we live? Money and Work. You most likely live in a particular location based on the amount of money you are willing to spend, in relation to its vicinity to work. Is this the life you WANT to live? How would you choose to spend your time each day if money was not a factor? Who would you choose to spend your time with? Family, friends, etc.? I know you’re thinking someday, I will be happy, I will live my dream life and be able to do what I want, live where I want, someday I’ll get out of debt, someday, someday and so on. But most often people end up straddled in this someday pitfall. Let me tell you a secret, HAPPINESS IS NOT A DESTINATION, it’s a journey.

When I graduated high school my grandfather, who is a very wise man, gave me a book, “Who Moved My Cheese.” And of course, I didn’t read it, I thought I just finished school and the last thing I want to do right now is open another book. When I graduated college my grandfather again gave me a book and again it was “Who Moved My Cheese.” At this point I began thinking there must be something magnificent about this book. The book seemed pretty ordinary in appearance, it was not too big and not too thick. When a man of my grandfather’s nature recommends a book it is for a good reason, especially if it is given to you twice. After reading the book there were many things in the book which stood out to me, especially within the personality traits of the four characters in the book, however one question sparked me on a journey to living a life with purpose. What would you do if you were not afraid? Someone once told me there are only two basic fears: the fear of falling and loud noises, all other fears are learned. I believe fear is the reason average people are average. Think about it, average people are average because they are afraid to stand out from the crowd, fearful of the unknown perhaps. But think about what life could be like if you were not afraid. Would you live in a different location or start a new career?

Consider the life you want to have. How would you choose to spend your time? With whom would you like to spend your time? Where would you like to spend your time? Want to change your lifestyle, want greater satisfaction in life? Do you want more fulfill out of life? Create a freedom lifestyle, by living your life with purpose on purpose. A freedom lifestyle is creating your dream life by living the life you want rather than the life that society expects you to live. Create your dream lifestyle. If you do not have a clearly defined purpose for your life you might find yourself living in a disillusioned state. In this circumstance, you start to make daily decisions that are the best decision for the moment that does not impact anything or have any deeper meaning beyond in that instance. You can begin to create your dream life by tapping into your natural gifts and talents. Every person has a unique set of skills and talents that were given to you with the intent you could use these skills to enhance the community around you. Your talents are able to be used in some form or fashion as a source of income. If you are not sure what your life purpose is, it will be instrumental in creating your freedom life. To discover you purpose consider what things bring you enjoyment? What are your desires in life? What brings meaning and purpose to your life? If you are still having trouble, ask people around you, about the things that bring you to the lime light. Ask what things you do that other people are really amazed by, or even that you are amazed at the results.

Don’t be afraid of the space between your dream life and reality. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Live with purpose, leave the status quo behind. You have to believe that you deserve a life beyond what statistics or society says is designed for you. There are three things that motivate us most in life: autonomy or having freedom, a defined purpose in life, and self-improvement or mastery. Each time we face our fears we gain strength, courage, and confidence to continue progressing forward. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. Do you have the courage to live your dream life now? Take action! Celebrate results or milestones. Wake up every day loving the life you live!

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