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016. 26 Beauty Vloggers You Should Be Following!

Social Media has catapulted the beauty and fashion world ten times over. These social platforms allow beauty and fashion divas and experts to share their knowledge, experience and inspiration transforming the beauty industry with every new post. Whether you are looking to perfect your makeup application skills, looking for the latest hip products, or just looking for some beauty and fashion inspiration for fresh ideas there is a post sure to inspire you. If you want to be in the know or inspired with the best beauty and fashion content you should be following these beauty vloggers! Check out the list of vloggers below, why you should be following them and get on board!

Patricia Bright

Youtube: Patricia Bright or BritPopPrincess, 555k+ subbies

Twitter: @PattyOLovesU, 35K+ followers

Instagram: ThePatriciaBright, 252K+ followers

Why you should follow: This British bombshell offers an array of informative and entertaining content from makeup tutorials, beauty and fashion looks of the day to beauty hauls, skincare or healthy lifestyle regimens. Patricia has a spunky upbeat personality which brings much energy to her videos. Not to mention her accent! This is a great channel for advice and information on beauty products for women of color.

Tiarra Monet

Youtube: Tiarra Monet, 419K+ subbies

Twitter: @tiara_monet, 18K+ followers

Instagram: TiarraMonet, 207K followers

Why you should follow: You cannot mention beauty vloggers without acknowledging Tiarra Monet, if you have not been following her you have been doing yourself a disservice. Tiarra’s content covers everything beauty, fashion, and hair. She is known for her celebrity inspired tutorials emulating hair and makeup looks from mainstream celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj.


Youtube: BeautyCrush, 1.5M+ subbies

Twitter: @TheBeautyCrush, 128K+ followers

Instagram: thebeautycrush, 423K+ followers

Why you should follow: If you’re looking for beauty care or product advice or reviews. Sammi’s channel is the place to go. She offers many beauty haul videos, makeup tutorials, her daily outfits, and even includes fan-based Q&A to tackle common and frequently asked beauty related questions.

Nitraa B

Youtube: NitraaB, 464k+ subbies

Twitter: @NitraaB, 30K+ followers

Instagram: nitraab, 121K+ followers

Why you should follow: For fun cutting edge hair and makeup ideas follow Anitra. She’s a beauty guru for easy flawless fresh face makeup tutorials. Anitra also offers a lot of beauty hauls as well as helpful and detailed hair tutorials and reviews. And can you say BROWS on FLEEK!


Youtube: DollFaceBeautyx, 190k+ subbies

Twitter: @DollfaceBeautyx, 4K+ followers

Instagram: dollfacebeautyx, 47K+ followers

Why you should follow: Emani’s video content covers everything from fashion and beauty hauls, skin and hair care product reviews to hair extensions themselves. Emani is super adorable and provides very thorough product reviews and know hows.


Youtube: MakeupD0LL, 370k+ subbies

Twitter: @MakeupD0ll, 35K+ followers

Instagram: makeupd0ll, 79K+ followers

Why you should follow: Freelance makeup artist Keisha, is a beauty guru on all things hair, makeup, and skincare. Keisha is one of the best channels to go to for makeup tutorials; she has tons and tons of endless inspirational makeup tutorials. This is a great channel for fun fresh ideas.

Ambre Renee

Youtube: 130k+ subbies

Twitter: @Amsrenee, 4K+ followers

Instagram: amsrenee, 24K+ followers

Why you should follow: This beauty guru and self-confessed shopaholic offers fun and energetic content for everything girly. She is probably best known for her big curly hair tutorials and hair company reviews, but this beauty offers so much more in makeup looks, skincare routines, and fashion must haves.


Youtube: AllThingsFabulous101,198k+ subbies

Twitter: @AllThingsFabulous101, 12K+ followers

Instagram: allthingsfabulous101, K+ followers

Why you should follow: This channel is devoted to "All Things Fabulous" fashion, beauty, makeup, and everything in between catered to beginners or people that are just getting started and need tips & tricks, hence the "101." She uses her videos to inspire women and young girls to be more confident with themselves and embrace their inner fabulosity! This is a great channel for easy step-by-step tutorials and inspirational looks.


Youtube: Ellarie,96k+ subbies

Twitter: ellarie, 1K+ followers

Instagram: ellarie, 547K+ followers

Why you should follow: Ellarie's World is all about makeup and beauty where she shares lots of makeup tutorials, some DIY projects, and candid footage of her life around the A-T-L. Ellarie is great for inspirational funky fresh bright eyed makeup tutorials.


Youtube: BeautyByJJ, 448k+ subbies

Twitter: @TheBeautyByJJ, 22K+ followers

Instagram: BeautyByJJ, 247K+ followers

Why you should follow: BeautyByJJ should not be a stranger to any fashionista’s subscriptions list, but just in case you are not following this beauty guru here is why you should. Jennie has frequent uploads and post to all her SM accounts, with inspirational makeup look, seasonal lookbooks, and monthly beauty product trends and must have products.


Youtube: LizLizLive, 292k+ subbies

Twitter: @LizLizLive, 9K+ followers

Instagram: LizLizLive, 55K+ followers

Why you should follow: Liz video content consists of makeup, hair, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle advice, reviews and tutorials. This is a go-to channel for clean, well-polished chic natural looks and skincare regimens to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Destiny Godley

Youtube: Destiny Godley,283k+ subbies

Twitter: @DestinyGodley , 7K+ followers

Instagram: destinygodley, 58K+ followers

Why you should follow: Having trouble finding the right products for women of color or darker skin tones? Destiny offers advice and high and low end cosmetic product reviews and recommendation. She does very thorough walk through and amazing contouring videos!

Missy Lynn (Start2FinishMUA)

Youtube: Missy Lynn, 356k+ subbies

Twitter: @missylynn, 21K+ followers

Instagram: missylynn_, 209K+ followers

Why you should follow: Missy Lynn’s channel is a one-stop shop for makeup tutorials, style lookbooks and hair reviews. Additionally, Missy Lynn is active duty military and her channel is great for work makeup looks for a subtle fresh natural looking appearance, if you work environment requires a clean, simple, flawless look.

Jackie Aina (LilPumpkinpie05)

Youtube: Jackie Aina, 417k+ subbies

Twitter: @jackieaina, 14K+ followers

Instagram: jackieaina, 120K+ followers

Why you should follow: Jackie is undoubtedly changing the standards of beauty one video upload at a time. The best thing about Jackie is she posts new videos several times a week, with videos on DIY regimens, beauty hacks and hauls, and concise makeup tutorials.

Shirley B. Eniang

Youtube: Shirley B. Eniang, 545k+ subbies

Twitter: @ShirleyBEniang, 23K+ followers

Instagram: ShirleyBEniang, 249K+ followers

Why you should follow: Shirley’s accent and passion for everything beauty and fashion brings life to her content. Her content spans from style lookbooks, to beauty hauls, to makeup tutorials, and other DIY beauty and fashion projects. She also offers wonder advice and beauty tips and secrets for beauty novices.

Coloured Beautiful

Youtube: ColouredBeautiful, 212 k+ subbies

Twitter: @colouredbeauty, 6K+ followers

Instagram: colouedbeautiful, 48K+ followers

Why you should follow: Ebony aims to bring like to the darker side of beauty, inspiring women and girls around the world to be bold and fearless and not afraid to experiment with different looks. She created amazing makeup tutorials with bold lip combinations.

Maya Washington (ShamelessMaya)

Youtube: Shameless Maya, 543k+ subbies

Twitter: @mayasworld, 22K+ followers

Instagram: mayasworld, 160K+ followers

Why you should follow: While Maya’s social media journey started much differently than the other vloggers on this list. She is a must follow personality with a channel full of videos on lifestyle, inspiration, fun transformations, as well as beauty and fashion inspired content. Maya promotes a soulful lifestyle where your mind body and soul are one, working in optimal harmony.


YouTube: ItsMyRayeRaye, 732 k+ subbies

Twitter: @ItsMyRayeRaye, 29K+ followers

Instagram: itsmyrayeraye, 567K+ followers

Why you should follow: Take a glimpse in Raye’s world with her favorite makeup looks, tips and tricks, and advice and reviews of the latest products. She is very informative when it comes to product knowledge. Not to mention with her bubbly energetic personality she is very engaging.

Honorable Mentions

Hey Fran Hey- YouTube: 148k+ subbies; Twitter: 24K+ followers; IG: 73K+ followers

Thomasadrianna- YouTube: 297k+ subbies; Twitter: 15K+ followers; IG: 140K+ followers

Ashley Chennel Beauty- YouTube: 21k+ subbies; Twitter: 600+ followers; IG: 3K+ followers

PeakMill- YouTube: 502k+ subbies; Twitter: N/A; IG: 131K+ followers

ULoveMegz- YouTube: 327k+ subbies; Twitter: 15K+ followers; IG: 148K+ followers

Lover4Fashion- YouTube: 199k+ subbies; Twitter: 10K+ followers; IG: 118K+ followers

BeatFaceHoney- YouTube: 219k+ subbies; Twitter: 23K+ followers; IG: 354K+ followers

BargainPrincess- YouTube: 80k+ subbies; Twitter: 2K+ followers; IG: 2K+ followers

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