016. 26 Beauty Vloggers You Should Be Following!

Social Media has catapulted the beauty and fashion world ten times over. These social platforms allow beauty and fashion divas and experts to share their knowledge, experience and inspiration transforming the beauty industry with every new post. Whether you are looking to perfect your makeup application skills, looking for the latest hip products, or just looking for some beauty and fashion inspiration for fresh ideas there is a post sure to inspire you. If you want to be in the know or inspired with the best beauty and fashion content you should be following these beauty vloggers! Check out the list of vloggers below, why you should be following them and get on board!

Patricia Bright

Youtube: Patricia Bright or BritPopPrincess, 555k+ subbies

Twitter: @PattyOLovesU, 35K+ followers

Instagram: ThePatriciaBright, 252K+ followers

Why you should follow: This British bombshell offers an array of informative and entertaining content from makeup tutorials, beauty and fashion looks of the day to beauty hauls, skincare or healthy lifestyle regimens. Patricia has a spunky upbeat personality which brings much energy to her videos. Not to mention her accent! This is a great channel for advice and information on beauty products for women of color.

Tiarra Monet

Youtube: Tiarra Monet, 419K+ subbies

Twitter: @tiara_monet, 18K+ followers

Instagram: TiarraMonet, 207K followers

Why you should follow: You cannot mention beauty vloggers without acknowledging Tiarra Monet, if you have not been following her you have been doing yourself a disservice. Tiarra’s content covers everything beauty, fashion, and hair. She is known for her celebrity inspired tutorials emulating hair and makeup looks from mainstream celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj.


Youtube: BeautyCrush, 1.5M+ subbies

Twitter: @TheBeautyCrush, 128K+ followers

Instagram: thebeautycrush, 423K+ followers

Why you should follow: If you’re looking for beauty care or product advice or reviews. Sammi’s channel is the place to go. She offers many beauty haul videos, makeup tutorials, her daily outfits, and even includes fan-based Q&A to tackle common and frequently asked beauty related questions.

Nitraa B

Youtube: NitraaB, 464k+ subbies

Twitter: @NitraaB, 30K+ followers

Instagram: nitraab, 121K+ followers

Why you should follow: For fun cutting edge hair and makeup ideas follow Anitra. She’s a beauty guru for easy flawless fresh face makeup tutorials. Anitra also offers a lot of beauty hauls as well as helpful and detailed hair tutorials and reviews. And can you say BROWS on FLEEK!


Youtube: DollFaceBeautyx, 190k+ subbies

Twitter: @DollfaceBeautyx, 4K+ followers

Instagram: dollfacebeautyx, 47K+ followers

Why you should follow: Eman