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022. 6 Phrases That Hinder Your Productivity

You’ve heard it time and time again Soulistas, be careful what you think, for your thoughts become your actions and your actions become your habits. Of course, once it becomes your habit, you betcha, there goes your character and overall you destiny. What you think you become. Therefore, it is imperative to choose your words and thought wisely. If you want to boost your productivity and ultimately your happiness and success. Try eliminating these common words of phrases that can be detrimental to your endeavors. The key to a happy successful life of abundance is positive thinking. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. The more positive your outlook on life, your surroundings, and your circumstances the greater joy you will achieve. Positive words provide you hope, power, reassurance and the motivation to do your best. While negative utterances deprive you of self-confidence. When you achieve joy, you also pass it on to others and it becomes a chain reaction that the whole universe dances to.

I can’t…

Of all the phrases, “I can’t” imposes the most limitations of your capabilities. In most cases before you even give yourself a fair chance to accomplish an action, you have already significantly increased the likelihood you will fail by entertaining the pessimistic idea that you are not capable of such. Have you ever heard the saying, “whether you say you can or you say you cannot, either way you are right.” That’s because your thoughts are limiting your abilities.

Someday I’ll…

Want to really boost your productivity and chances for success? Try eliminating the “someday” mindset. What do I mean? How often do you find yourself thinking “Someday, I’ll be happy,” “Someday, I’ll get that promotion,” or “Someday I’ll move to a different place.” Instead of focusing on the concept you are not in your ideal circumstances, shift your mindset to focus on imagining your lifestyle in your ideal state. For example, if it is happiness you seek to have more abundantly, focus on the things that increase happiness in your life. Also, vividly imagine yourself in your happiest state. Create a vision board or post notes of the things, people, or places that bring happiness and joy into your life.

I hate…

How can any utterance of “hate” have a progressive sentiment? Hate is an astronomically strong word, which breeds negativity, Hunty! Bust hate in the chops and spread some love. If you are going to spread love, it must start with YOU! Love yourself wholeheartedly. Instead of focusing on the things you hate, focus on the things you love and enjoy. Furthermore, now we all know there can be some (shall I say “difficult”) people in the world, however, you cannot allow them to rain on your parade. True enough there may be people whom you do not particular have a keen liking for, but instead of hating them, just pray for them. Pray for them and move on.


Ahh, but, but, but! The deeply underhanded conjunction that has made it acceptable to follow a compliment or positive notion with a backhanded dig. “I would have done it, but…” Stop making excuses! Excuses are procrastination draped in dream killers that will stop your success in its tracks.


Maybe, you are wondering why “maybe” is on this list? Maybe is a word that hinders your productivity because it facilitates complacency and acts as a scapegoat from making concrete decisions and taking action. Eh tomorrow, maybe? Right?! NO! Using maybe lacks commitment. Instead of taking the conditional route, and leaving the door open to the possibility of being production. Use daily or weekly to-do lists or planners to schedule tasks, along with deadlines and specific goals and instructions for completion. By doing so, you greatly increase your chances of following through with goals and deadlines. You can download free daily and weekly EntHERpreneur planners here.

I think…

Hands down, women have got to use “I think” way more than men. For example, when I am in meetings or on conference calls, I’ve noticed that when men are presenting their viewpoint or stance on a topic, men typically began with “we should” or “it’s in the best interest to”, whereas, women tend to lead with “I think” or “maybe.” I am not sure why this is, and this may be a topic of discussion for another day. When you began a statement with “I think,” your power or influence is limited.

If you want to boost your confidence and self-assurance be mindful of your thoughts and actions. Negative thoughts can stifle your abilities to greatness. Take every effort to eliminate these words or phrases from your vocabulary to increase positive energy and vibrations in your life. Furthermore, by replacing these phrases with more positive and gratifying ones you will become more open-minded and generate conductive thinking and behaviors.

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