025. Cards From E: 31 Life Hacks

With life comes lessons. Each one of us goes through various trials and tribulations, our ups and downs, and experiences and educational moments in life. As you learn valuable lesson along this journey it is nice you share your wisdom with others to prevent them from making mistakes you did or to encourage them while going through a particular life event. Below you will find some of the life lessons or gems that I have learned or that have been shared with me at some point in my life.

1. Every woman has a calling or purpose for her life.

Way before you were born unto this earth, God saw you and gifted you with an inimitable set of skills and talents designed specifically for you. Your unique skill set has been given to you with intent for you to use this unique skill set to positively impact the world around you.

2. Make your life decisions for yourself.

No one accomplishes their dreams alone but your dreams are your responsibility. Take control of your destiny and make smart conducive decisions to your happiness and success. You are your most valuable asset. Invest in you, your dreams, and your life's purpose.

3. Show gratitude.

Be grateful. Gratitude leads to more happiness and wellbeing. Life can and will be hard, there will be good days and bad days, but learn to see the good in all days and in all aspects of life. Attitude is altitude. On most occasions you attitude going into a situation will dictate its outcome. Practice positive thinking until it becomes your norm. Be a positive influence in any way you can to others. Even simple little helpful acts can make others -- and you -- much happier. Spend a few moments each day acknowledging the people, things, or experiences for which you are thankful. Verbally express your gratefulness to those around you. By doing so you subconsciously promote happiness. Before you go to bed at night, profess your appreciation and thankfulness for life and the things we often take for granted.

4. Create a life of your own.

As a woman that most likely wears many different hats such as mom, wife, daughter, businesswoman, etc., it is important to create and maintain your own identity. Don’t lose yourself in the process of attending to others.

5. Pride limits your purpose and success.