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029. Being Unapologetically YOU in 2016

As women, we often spend way too much time assessing our success or happiness by the acceptance, success, or opinions of others. What do you think life could be like in 2016 if we decided to live our life independent of what others thought and lived unapologetically as ourselves? You are who you are. I am ambitious, assertive, and a motivator. I am true to all my Aries traits and genetic makeup. I mirror my mother physical and exemplify my father’s take-charge enthused and ambitious mentality. I am who I am. And you should be who you are too. I am pledging to be unapologetically me in 2016. Take the pledge with me. What’s stopping you? How can your life be different in the new year by being unapologetically you? What will you do differently?

What it means to be unapologetic.

To be unapologetically you means to be true to yourself, living from your heart and soul without making any excuses for being YOU. Do what feels right to you based on your morals, values, and beliefs. Don’t let your circumstances or the circumstances of others force you into a box or to make decisions detrimental to your success and happiness. By unapologetically being yourself, there will be people who hate you sometimes, but more importantly there will be people who love you all the time.

How to be unapologetic in 2016.

Create your own playbook. Live by your rules! Your morals. Your values. You know exactly who you are, what you like, what you dislike, what you stand for, and what you will not tolerate. No one knows you better than you. Okay, maybe God does! But you get the point, live by your own rules, create your own playbook of life, date your way and chase your dream for your life. Society is quick to tell you to live this way, act this way, say this, do that. But you are in control of your life. Be yourself. You have the authority to do so.

Accept your truth. Live from your reality. Drop from your head and begin viewing the world from your soul. Your soul is your most authentic truest self. Your soul discerns your passions and purpose. The more you live from your soul, the more and more you become unapologetically you. As you do so, you will start to see your life change for the better. Your outlook on life, focus and values slowly begin to shift to treasured elements of life. Things that are not conducive to your existence slowly began to fade away and your soul radiates purpose and fulfillment. The more you are true to your authentic self the more you eliminate your limitations and fears.

Exude confidence. Some call it self-awareness, some call it passion. I call being unapologetically you…CONFIDENCE! Have confidence in you and everything that you believe in. Being unapologetic is neither boisterous nor showy. It’s an authentic, natural expression of who you’ve grown to be, it’s an expression of your gifts and talents, it’s being willing to stand up for your beliefs and values, and most importantly being honest with yourself.

Why Being Unapologetically You Rocks

There are many benefits to being yourself. First off, it increases your personal accountability and the more you become your authentic self the easier it is to be honest with yourself and others. When you are unapologetically you, you have the freedom to be yourself without worrying about the opinions of others. By being yourself you send the message that you are self-aware, confident and you don’t care who knows. Most people will love this aspect of you and you will gravitate towards others who are unapologetically true to themselves. In addition, you are more likely to cross paths with similar people whom you may have not connected with otherwise. And what’s more powerful than a tribe of fierce dynamics women conquering the world together?! The people who won’t love you are generally the kind of people you would not want to associate with anyways. Secondly, your unapologetic attitude allows your words to mirror your actions, which demonstrates growth, maturity, and a greater sense of empowerment. By doing so, when you demonstrate a positive behavior, others may unknowingly or knowingly be encouraged to do the same. And what rocks more than a tribe of women who are unapologetically them?!

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