039. 10 Indispensable Books For & By Black Women

Black women are ranked the most educated demographic in America by both race and gender. Furthermore, African American women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America. Therefore it should come as no surprise black emerging and renowned female authors have been increasingly conquering the writing scene. I even took to this trend myself writing my first book, Purpose Playbook: A Woman’s Guide to Discovering a Life of Purpose. Black female authors have taken to storytelling and journalism producing relatable fictional and nonfiction stories about everything you can imagine such as poverty, dysfunctional families, career goals and dealing with romantic relationships. Through decades women have realized we have an obligatory duty to empower one another and journalism has provided yet another platform for us to do just that. Below I have provided noteworthy literature I think you will find great inspiration and value in pushing you to attain more in every aspect of life.

The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women

by Elaine Meryl Brown, Marsha Haygood, & Rhonda Joy McLean

In this engaging and invaluable “mentor in your pocket,” three dynamic and successful black female executives share their strategies to help all black women, at any level of their careers, play the power game—and win. Rich with wisdom, this practical gem focuses on the building blocks of true leadership—self-confidence, effective communication, collaboration, and courage—while dealing specifically with stereotypes (avoid the Mammy Trap, and don’t become the Angry Black Woman) and the perils of self-victimization (don’t assume that every challenge occurs because you are black or female). Some leaders are born, but most leaders are made—and The Little Black Book of Success will show you how to make it to the top, one step at a time.

Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months

by Melinda Emerson

In Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months Melinda Emerson inspires you to pursue your own entrepreneurial vision. Whether you're newly unemployed, sick of office life and longing for a change, or just want to finally turn your business idea into reality, you can follow your dream and make your passion your profession. Drawing on her experience as founder of an award-winning production company, Melinda F. Emerson shows you how in this practical month-by-month guide to getting your business off the ground. Inside, you'll find the timetable and steps you need to take to become a successful CEO of your own venture.

Expect to Win: 10 Proven Strategies for Thriving in the Workplace

by Carla Harris

Expect to Win is an inspirational must-read for anyone seeking battle-tested tools to fulfilling their true potential and for fans of Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In. Carla Harris is one of the most powerful and respected women in business and Chairperson of the National Women's Business Council. She shares advice, tips, and strategies for surviving in any workplace environment. In Expect to Win, Carla shares these valuable lessons, including: Authenticity: The Power is You, The 90-Day Rule, Perception is the Co-Pilot to Reality, The Mentor, The Sponsor, The Adviser: Having Them All, Leverage Your Voice, Balance is a Necessity: Use Your Passions to Achieve it, and Expect to Win: Show Up With Your Best Self Every Day.

The Sisters Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America by Tamara Winfrey Harris

The Sisters Are Alright exposes anti–black-woman propaganda and shows how real black women are pushing back against distorted cartoon versions of themselves. Tamara Winfrey Harris delves into marriage, motherhood, health, sexuality, beauty, and more, taking sharp aim at pervasive stereotypes about black women. She counters warped prejudices with the straight-up truth about being a black woman in America. “We have facets like diamonds,” she writes. “The trouble is the people who refuse to see us sparkling.”

Boss Women Pray

by Kachelle Kelly

In Boss Women Pray, Kachelle Kelly has a way, with her precise business acumen and candid real persona, to speak directly and with accuracy what so many other business professionals are thinking but don't know how to express. The prayers on each page will ignite something inside of you and make you feel like you were right there as these prayers were written. You no longer have to feel alone in your business endeavors. You will walk away from this book empowered out of your mind to reach your full potential in business and in life! Kachelle Kelly provides a comprehensive prayer guide on relevant topics from a wide range of areas of concern for business owners and leaders. This guide encourages the "encourager" while finally marrying success and the spirit!

Don't Become an Entrepreneur If... If you can't do these 9 things, don't do it! by Adrena D. Martin-Tolbert

Do you have plans on becoming an entrepreneur? Are you a current entrepreneur and just need a little motivation to keep going? If you can't do the nine things listed in this book, then entrepreneurship isn't for you. Many want to do it, but only few are ready to put in the work and sacrifice that comes along with the territory. Don't Become an Entrepreneur if... will not only inspire you throughout your entrepreneurial journey, but through life as well.

Success Never Smelled So Sweet

by Lisa Price

In this remarkable memoir, Lisa Price shares the extraordinary story of how she went from bankruptcy to successful entrepreneur, grossing more than two million a year while working from her very own Brooklyn home. In Success Never Smelled So Sweet, Lisa Price charts her amazing journey in lively, down-to-earth stories about her childhood growing up in Brooklyn and the often unexpected “accidents” in the kitchen that led to her bestselling scents. From the early cultivation of her sensory gift through cooking with her Trinidadian grandmother to her painful years in a rigid school system where she was berated by teachers and bullied by kids, Lisa speaks tenderly and wisely about the subtle ways in which life can guide us to our inner truth—even as it throws out difficult obstacles along the way. For any woman who has ever longed to leave the nine-to-five grind and work successfully from home, Lisa Price’s story is a must-read.

The Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun, and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rhimes