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036. You Haven’t Jumped Yet?

Recently social media has been inundated with Steve Harvey’s “Jump” video which resonated in the souls of so many individuals. This video has over 50 million views plus a multitude of likes, shares and comments. I sat and thought about the profoundness of Steve’s words but also the enormous response the video yielded via social media. I know to some this may not seem extraordinary since videos and life quotes tend to go viral at this magnitude on a daily basis. But what resonated with me most is the response you all had. The overwhelming response to the video makes it clear to me that there is still a lot of people who have not jumped. There is a mass of individuals who are just existing. Where’s the passion and purpose in your life, have you jumped yet? We are all chasing something, if what you are chasing does not align with the purpose God has for your life you will continue to just exist, lacking passion and purpose. I am sure since this video some of us have went back to our same old job, doing the same old mundane job duties, merely existing going through the motions of life…day in and day out, same routine. On the other hand, I hope that some of you are like me. I used this video as a boost to reenergize and motivate myself to continue to chase my dreams. And not only chase my own dreams but inspire you to chase yours too!

Every successful person has jumped. If you wake up thinking there has got to be more to life, then guess what it is. What’s holding you back, it is clear by the overwhelming response to this video there are a lot of people just existing in life who have not jumped? Have you jumped? Have you identified your gift? Have you put your gift into action? If not, what’s holding you back? When are you going to stop just existing and start living?

You were not created to just exist, you have a purpose. Your gift is meant for you to thrive in life. You are gifted! God has endowed you with gifts and skills unique to you and your purpose. These gifts are meant for you to share with the world to experience life on the highest level. If you wake up dreading getting out of bed, dreading your day ahead, dreading hitting the work clock it is because you are not living in your purpose. Don’t waste your gifts and talents. You were not meant to just exist. Discover. Your. Purpose. And start living. When you live in your purpose, you wake up with a thirst to conquer your day, each and every day has meaning and brings fulfillment to your life.

I decided to jump! I realized fear and doubt can no longer hold me back. I am on the fast track to walking in my purpose daily. Every day I wake up owning my day, looking forward to living in the best days of my life doing what I love!

We all have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This can be found in purpose. Steve Harvey has told you to jump! Aunt Jillian has told you to jump! Eric Thomas has told you to jump! Oprah Winfrey has told you to jump! And now I am telling you to just jump already!

Think about how amazing life could be. The decision to jump can change your life tremendously. Imaging waking up every morning knowing you love your life, you love your job, your love your house, your car, your spouse, whatever. All this is attainable through one decision, one action, and one jump.


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