031. High Impact Vision Boards that Count

Well we’ve reached that time, you know “New Year, New Me!” This is the time everyone makes up awful things one wants to change about one’s self or environment in the year to come. Ahh, how awesome is that! If you can’t pick up on my sarcasm there, New Year resolutions are not the way to go. New Year resolutions are good in theory, it’s great to perform an accurate self-assessment of your life reflecting on your past, identifying areas of improvement and developing a plan for the future. However, creating these resolutions is just the beginning. The average person creates a couple New Year’s resolutions and that’s it. By January 3rd most people are like “Hey New Year, old me!” So what happened? Most people fail to plan exactly how they will accomplish those resolutions. Ditch the resolutions and grab a vision board if you really want to bring about your New Year’s goals. There are many misconceptions about vision boards and its validity. Some see vision boards as just big “dream” boards. However, when used correctly vision boards are a great resource to help clarify your specific life goals and identifies areas of focus for staying on track to achieving your goals.

Since I was a little girl my dad has always stressed the importance of having goals and developing a plan to accomplish them. At a young age I had to create short term goals and long term goals designed to get me where I want to be in life. While I started out writing my goals out on paper, for the past few years I have become quite fond of vision boards. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display imagery that represents whatever you want to attain in life. Vision boards serve as a valuable visual reminder of what you are working towards and a tangible representation of your ideal life.

Today I encourage you to create a vision board with your own tangible representation of your ideal life. The key to attaining your goals is developing a high impact vision board that will assist you in staying committed to achieving your short and long term goals. Don’t focus too much on having the perfect layout or imagery on your vision board, the importance of your board is not for appearance but to serve as a constant depiction of your ideal life and how you will attain it. So grab a poster board, some old magazines, craft supplies and follow the easy steps below:

What you will need:

Poster/cork board/canvas

Old magazines/printouts/pictures

Markers/pens/color pencils/paint


Colored paper (optional)


Step 1

Grab a pen and paper and find a quite relaxing space where you can concentrate on yourself. Take a moment to close your eyes and reflect on your ideal life, uncovering your goals and all your aspirations. Jot down your ambitions and aspirations. Determine what you want and how you want to feel. Be specific identifying why you want to accomplish each goal on your board and how you will bring it to fruition. (Tip: I find hand writing your goals makes your envisions more personalized. You do not have to handwrite on your board, but at least try to do so in your planning stage.)