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032. Can't Keep Up? 5 Creative Ways to Maintain a Healthy Body + Soul This Winter

The winter is the most difficult time of year to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many people feel lost when it comes to staying healthy in the winter months. Believe me I know how hard it can be to stay motivated and on track with your diet and fitness regimens. Not to mention all the holidays so close together. I mean it is winter or should I say the season of holiday parties with greasy foods and sugary snack filled potlucks. I’ve compiled some of my favorite creative tips to stay healthy during this winter.

Winter Sports

Take it outside, winter weather offers a wide array of fun activities unique to the season at hand. Trust me, I hate cold weather. If it were up to me I would spend the entire winter tucked away in my pajamas with hot cocoa watching Netflix (no chill though). But winter sports can be a great aerobic exercise and a fun social workout with your family and friends. When it comes to winter sports the possibilities are endless, you could try ice skating, skiing, ice hockey, snowboarding or other winter activities. If these sound too daring for your liking you can grab a mug of hot tea or coffee and hit your favorite trail.

Plan Ahead

Planning is everything during the winter. Plan ahead for your meals and workouts. It is much easier to fit your workout into your day when you plan for it rather than just squeezing in time around the rest of your day. In addition, with cold weather comes craving for some cold weather traditional meals such as chili and soups. Your physical activity is likely to reduce during the winter, therefore, it is important to watch your nutrition. Put a spin on your traditional meals by making them lean. Also, it is not a bad idea to take to Pinterest for some new ideas for healthier meals and amazing crockpot dump recipes that are not only yummy, but quick and easy to prepare.

Book a Midwinter Escape

Winter does not mean you have to stay at home cooped up in the house next to the fire place (although I must admit that sounds really awesome right about now). Escape the winter blues by scheduling a short warm-weather getaway to some place vibrant and sunny. Do some research and discover some of the best winter getaways for your budget. Book a nice getaway to the west coast in sunny California or a destination island getaway where temperature linger in the 70s this time of year.

Go Dancing

Dancing is a fun, easy cardio workout sure to burn lots of calories. U.O.E.N.O., you can take a dance class for anything from hip hop, jazz, salsa to ballroom dancing. Not to mention you can up your sexy by taking pole or burlesque dance classes too! In addition to burning calories, dancing is a great way to strengthen your balance and coordination and serves as an even better reason to socialize with your girlfriends. If you are repulsed by the idea of taking a class, crank up the tunes in your living room, create a playlist of your favorite upbeat dance songs and shake your little tail feather in the privacy of your own home. A quick 20 minute dance session can go a long way and boost your mood in the process.

Stay Social

We as women of color you must be mindful of our mood and mental health. During the winter months, especially January (which is considered one of the most depressive months), pay close attention for your mood and behaviors. Studies have shown that people have a greater chance of depressed moods and anxiety in winter months. Although the sun is coming out less and setting earlier don’t let the dark gloomy skies dampen your interactions with others. Don’t rely on social networking platforms, get out and socialize in person with your favorite buddies. Make the most of every moment, fellowship and make magical winter memories you will cherish forever.

The most important approach to staying healthy during this cold weather is having a positive outlook. This should come as no surprise, if you know me and have read any of my other posts. Have a positive mindset and you can maintain a healthy lifestyle during any season, but during this time of year it is critical to staying on track with healthy living. Your health is wealth my loves, think yourself happy and most of all be blessed!

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