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043. The Workplace Perk Women Can Capitalized on but Don’t

Black women are ranked the most educated in America by both race and gender?! The National Center of Education Statistics reported that black women have the highest numbers for enrollment in college, across the United States. Not only are we excelling in enrollment black women are three times more likely to finish college than black males.

Our black sisters are more likely than our counterparts to further education at the graduate level. Yet, black women with master’s degrees earn slightly less than Black men with bachelor’s, and White men, Asians, and Latinos with associates or post-secondary degrees. This is evident the gender pay gap still exists and remains worst for women of color. The good news is salaries for educated black women are on the rise. Working wages for women will continue to be an uphill battle for equality. In the meantime, what you cannot obtain in wages consider seeking in fringe benefits.

What do I mean? A steadily increasing number of employers are dangling new recruitment perks that are targeted for millennials. Consider that millennials have changed the dynamics of workplace employment packages. As, the automotive industry and factory jobs phrased out near the end of the 20th century, more and more young adults elected college education as a lucrative asset to career development.

With more students attaining degrees, with many students acquiring student loan debt in the process, a new fringe benefit became an enticing workplace perk. Employers have found that retirement benefits are not as appealing to millennials as these types of packages once were for previous generations. With the current America student loan debt exceeding $1 trillion, millennials are not currently focused on retirement, but debt relief. College student loan debt relief to be exact.

So just what is this workplace perk that black women can capitalize on? Student loan repayment options. Most women do not think to negotiate student loan benefits into their employment package. Most public and private sector employers are willing to offer some type of educational benefits or loan repayment opportunities.

Numerous studies have shown college educated blacks are more likely to face underemployment than others with degrees. Black women have been known and praised for their strength and the spirit of endurance which makes it seem as though we are born ready to go through certain trials and tribulations. But that does not mean you should not capitalize on the perks that we know we are so rightfully entitled. Therefore, what you cannot receive in wages, be willing to explore options for alleviating your student loan debt. If you do not have any student loan debt. Consider what educational opportunities your employer is willing to cover in your terms of employment. Many companies that provide this benefit are willing to make adjustments and customizable options determined by an employee's needs.

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