045. 7 Ways EntHERpreneurs De-Stress

Living the life of an entHERpreneur can be hectic and stressful. Sometimes you may feel overextended or spread thin trying to get everything done. No need to fret lovely, regardless of what gets your stress hormones pumping or blood pressure boiling, when you get anxious or overwhelmed know that you have the power to de-stress yourself promptly. I’ve compiled 7 ways for you to decompress, de-stress and relinquish the responsibilities of work, multitasking your to do list, managing phone calls and networking after a long day on your grind.

Get Outdoors

Nature is the greatest mother of all, she nurtures and re-energizes your soul. Enjoy all that nature has to offer by taking a hike along your favorite trail or discover a new one! Also, you may want to enjoy a light meal on a picnic in the park. Being outdoors and one with nature is a calming experience. Additionally, a brisk walk or outdoor adventure can easily declutter your mind. Connecting with nature helps to clear your head and boost, being in a park or other green space subconsciously puts your body into a state of meditation and reflection. And we all know meditation can be a great way to relax, especially if you are under a lot of stress, meditation can be helpful in lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. So go ahead and take so time to convene with nature!

Take a Bubble Bath

What better way to wash off the stress of the day than a piping hot bath. Unwind with a nice hot bubble bath to relax your mind, body & soul. The heat of the bath relaxes your muscles, while being submerged in water soothes your mind while softening your skin. For even more of a de-stressor try adding a drop of your favorite essential oil to add a sweet aroma. You could also try adding a bath salt to help alleviate stress and relax your muscles. Take it a step further with a home spa treatment by lighting candles and incorporating spa treatments like facials.

Get Some Rest

Restful sleep is important to maintaining your stress level. An adequate night’s sleep can keep you healthy and strong to tackle everything that comes your way throughout the day. When you are well rested you approach stressful or tense situations differently and with a more focused mind. Not only do you need to ensure you are getting a good length of sleep but quality sleep for your body’s restoration.

Fellowship with Other EntHERpreneurs

Socialize, have fun and laugh… a lot. Laughter really is the best medicine. Spending time with girlfriends who give you a sense of belonging and purpose provide all the stress relief you need. Get together with a group of similar minded ladies for a fun evening of laughter and embellishment with the girls over libations. By getting together with ladies who go through a lot of your same struggles or work-related experiences as you, you can serve as a support system to keep each other encouraged as well as celebrate your accomplishments. Sometimes being around like minds with similar experiences to us can help us to cope with our day to day struggles, more than we know, but try to keep the work talk to a minimum unless it’s to celebrate your achievements!