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047. Reignite Energy around Your Purpose

I have been fortunate to discover my purpose and be able to live in my purpose every day.

Growing up I always heard people say “You’ll never work a day in your life, when you do what you love.” I understand this concept but, I’m doing what I love and yet still some days I find myself getting burnt out or just tired. At first I questioned if I was really doing what I love, questioned if something was wrong with me or if others felt the way I did. I begin to ask other others doing what they love if they had ever had this feeling and I was quite astonished to discover most had at some point gotten burnout and had to get refocused on their purpose.

Once I realized I was not absolutely crazy and others sometimes experienced discourse or fatigue in living out their purpose, I thought to myself why don’t more people talk purpose fatigue? More importantly, I wanted to know what you do when you get off track and how to get back on track.

I took time to assess what was causing discourse and consuming my energy and in the process I developed 3 ways to reignite energy around my purpose when I start to get off track or experience burn out.

Below I want to share with you my techniques to help keep focused and reignite energy around my purpose.

Remember WHY

The moment energy starts to dwindle. Think back to your “why.” Why are you doing what you are doing? Think about how living in your purpose brings gratification and fulfillment to you.

Additionally, remember your purpose is not only for you, but to serve others within the world with your gifts. Think about the people your purpose serve and its impact on those around you. This is a sure fire way to get you energized and build momentum and motivation within your purpose.

Your God would not have endowed you with such wonderful gifts, if it were not meant for you to use them for your good and the goodness of others.


Meditation has been a very helpful practice for me.

You can do what you love, but the reality is if you are like me, you have some good and not so good personality traits. And for me, I am aware I am a perfectionist and over analyzer, which in most instances is unfavorable to my success.

Meditating helps me drop from my head to my soul. When I think too much or over-analyze things I find myself unconsciously sabotaging my success. And not to mention, this is often when fear and doubt try to creep in.

Therefore, I have found meditation is a good practice to get clarity and refocused on my purpose. I also find mediating is good to help eliminate distractions. The average person wears many hats at any given moment. It is easy to be bombarded with disruptions or factors which take away your focus.

Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Lastly, to reignite energy around your purpose eliminate negative thoughts. When you notice yourself having negative thoughts, try to replace them with positive ones. For example, instead of thinking you cannot do something tell yourself you can or ask yourself, “How can I do that?”

In addition, use affirmation that confirm your greatness, your purpose and your gifts. By using affirmation you are giving assurance and permission to yourself you use your gifts for your good.

So whether you are new to answering your calling, chasing your passion or a veteran at living your purpose, remember, there may be bumps along the road; yet, these bumps are not uncommon trials or tribulations on this journey called life.

Even when you live a life of purpose or are fortunate to do what you love, there will be some tough days. Days where you lack focus, lack energy or maybe even want to give up, but you have the ability to triumph over any obstacle. Get focused and re-energized by remembering why you started, meditating and eliminating negative thoughts.

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