052. How to Pitch a Conference to Your Boss

So, I recently attended a conference all about launching and growing my business. You may recall before I went to the conference I talked about networking at conferences and how to prepare for your big event.

I love networking events. I love conferences. Attending conferences is one of the ways you can invest in yourself. There are so many benefits of being in a room full of like-minded people within your industry. You can share knowledge and gain much knowledge too!

One thing I’ve learned, regardless of your profession there is most likely an association or some kind of formal group dedication to your industry or niche. I know you’re excited about the idea of attending a conference, but there is only one dilemma… how to get your boss excited about you going to a conference. And more importantly how to convince your boss the company should sponsor you to go to a conference.

No worries! I’ve got you covered.

Before the Pitch

Just a disclaimer here, this should go without saying but just so we’re clear before you pitch a conference to your boss, make sure you are in good standing, both your performance and your behavior. If you are slacking at work, coming in late and doing the bare minimum to get by the idea of a conference to your boss will definitely come off as a workcation, you getting paid to hangout on the company’s dime.

Before you pitch a conference make sure your work is up to par, you’re meeting deadlines, being a team player and hitting hi performance marks. This makes it much easier to get a YES.

It is often difficult to convince your boss to let you go to a conference, not to mention pay for it. Many employers see conferences as a getaway or more beneficial for the individual attending rather than the organization as a whole.

You need to convince your boss that you really will be working at the conference.

The first thing you should do is determine what conferences or event are out there pertaining to your specific career. The first key is to make sure the conference you pitch is related to your industry and more specifically to your primary job functions or role within the company.

A good place to start is ASAE, it’s like the association of associations and has an array of conferences across many different industries, levels, locations and topics.

Then, do your research, identify the benefits of the right conference for you. Before you present your pitch to your boss be sure to lay out all the pertinent detail about the benefits of the conference, what you expect to learn and the value it brings to the organization.