054. 15 Black Female Podcasts that Deserve Your Ear

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I love listening to podcast. Last week, I talked about increasing your productivity with an inspiring morning routine. In which I suggested listening to podcast or audiobooks in the morning. Podcasts have been growing in popularity and cover every topic you can imagine. Podcasts have the power to turn everyday tasks like commuting to work, cleaning the house, or working out into a self-development opportunity. Next time you’re stuck in rush hour traffic or burning up calories at the gym lend your ear to one of these amazing podcast – all hosted by black female podcasters.

A Toast to Truths by Vernetta R. Freeney

A Toast to Truths is my observation on hushed biz conversations that deserve a public dialogue. These “forbidden” truths often lead to mental, emotional and financial frustration because you don’t know who you can confide in to talk to about these issues. As your Truth Confidant™, my special guest co-hosts and I are going to reveal the ugly truths and consequences of life as a real entrepreneur. Catch each episode of this unfiltered truthful podcast.

Another Round

Two BuzzFeed writers who let us in on their weekly happy hour conversations, tackling race, gender, and saying no to squirrels. Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton cover everything from race, gender and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and bad jokes, all in one boozy show.

Back to Black

Back to Black is a weekly episodic podcast that discusses race, social justice, religion, and black pop culture from a millennial perspective. Back to Black features social commentators Coco, Young T and Mary Jane. New Episodes are posted every Tuesday.

Bigger Dreams Podcast

The Bigger Dreams Podcast is about women who have passions, dreams and goals who make that leap of faith to pursue them. This podcast is the push you needed. The go ahead. Listening to this podcast means that you are part of a cohort of women who have your back and support you in your creative pursuits. In this podcast I sit with other women who were once working in corporate America or are currently working in corporate America but have now taken the leap of faith to pursue their true passion and life's work. This podcast is to teach, celebrate, applaud and promote these women's hard work and courage. To show YOU that it is possible! That you can do pursue your dreams while working your 9-5 and eventually working solely for yourself. The women I've interviewed are explaining what they did to set themselves up to own their own creative businesses. Some of the mistakes they've made. How they juggle working full time and still pursuing their dreams.