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059. Ditch the Office, Work From Home

Information technology, telecommunications, consultations etc are some such names where the work is done from a computer or phone, and over a remote location, or through some sort of network, which may be internet, intranet, or a LAN or WAN. Whatever network type you choose, the platform is basically computers and land phones or cell phones, and it’s done mostly over these. You send signals and completed files, projects, reports, consultations, counseling etc to others over this system only, and then monitor other’s work, system, data and reports, working etc, through the same network.

That is the beauty of this type of working which you call the IT and telecommunication sector in short. Hence it’s evident that convincing your boss to let you work from home would not be a challenge, if you prove that you are as efficient as ever, irrespective of your work location. Let’s have a look at all such IT and telecommuting opportunities where you may ask your boss for work from home.


Being a consultant your entire job can be completed over phone. You may be a health consultant or a career consultant. There can be so many things to consult actually, but this essentially does not need a face to face interaction. Rather a consultation can be finished healthily over a phone, which also maintains secrecy or privacy of the client and keeps things comfortable. Definitely for this job you need not be sitting at the office desk.


The job of a programmer is also a work from home or remote work job. Programming can be done from any computer, and testing can be done as long as you have access to other machines on a network. Hence it’s another job that you may do with the same diligence from home, and may be with much more confidence and ease as you work from home comfort.

IT Support/Specialist

If you are working as the IT specialist you are once again dependent on networking more than manpower. Hence you can work definitely from home, and tell your boss that this will not affect the way you deliver your job.


Jobs related to telemarketing and some of the telecommute jobs, are all controlled and executed over the phone. You just need to be present through the duty hours over the phone. A telework is a peacefully executable work that you may do from home.

Online Rater

One of the most popular work from home jobs is online test rating. This gives you for ability to work from the comfort of your home, or anywhere while grading test, papers, or homework assignments for schools and employers. Even a career consultant would give you career advice to do this job if you strictly want to stay at home for your job.

While you work at home, you can focus on so many other things which you won’t be able to if it’s an office job. Working moms, students, freelancers and many other people need opportunities to work from home which increases flexibility to suit work-life balance. This also helps improve household work productivity, and lets you give time to family.

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