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063. Get Paid For Doing What You Love

You have discovered there is something you are passionate about. You can literally pass hours and hours on this thing without getting bored, and it's more like a thing of joy to you. That is splendid I must say, not everyone has discovered their passion, some are still lost in the land of getting to learn what ticks them and what makes them forget to check their phone for hours.

One and my mantras I always share with my clients is there is no competition with purpose, your purpose always make room for you. There is a market for your purpose. In other words, that passion of yours bores some other people, and that is the irony of life. They appreciate that product when it's done and dusted but cannot get through it to that level, and that is where you have an edge and get paid for it. You have got to monetize your passion.

I am a firm believer in the ability to monetize your purpose. Getting paid for doing what you love is entirely possible. You just need to find a way to do it, which you can with careful planning.

Decide what you love to do. What is it you love to do? Is it computer work, carpentry, drawing, or even singing? You need to discover what you love to do before anything else. After discovering what it is you love to do, you then need to start looking at it as something you can build a business around. Do research on how to create a business around it, what tools you will need, places to get your supplies from at a cheaper rate. You should be able to find a discount store if you do a proper research.

Your purpose is important. Look at it this way, if you never put your purpose in play there are people out there that may never reach their full potential. There are people that are meant to be cultivated by you, your purpose, and your talents. By not using your purpose to minister to others you are actually doing a disservice to yourself and the community around you.

Surround yourself with people who will support you, like-minded people who you can gain ideas from in improving your business. Make sure you are asking the right questions, as this opens you up for real answers that will be crucial in helping you on your path to doing what you love and getting paid to do it.

Also consider putting yourself out there on and off line to attract the right consumer base. You can take advantage of the free advertising methods to get thing moving and later invest in paid advertising. A virtual assistant can go to freelancing sites to find jobs that you can bid on. Take advantage of the people you know, friends, family, social media; lots of options out there to explore.

There’s nothing hard in getting paid to do what you love, you just need a proper planning and gaining additional skills to enhance your success. Marketing skill is one of most important if not the only skill you need to support your technical skill.

For help discovering your gifts and unlocking your purpose checkout EntHERpreneurU’s Discover Your Purpose program. If you’re already clear on your purpose and need help monetizing your purpose enroll in Purpose 2 Profits to get started monetizing your purpose.

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