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072. (How to) Survive Your Holiday Office Party

It’s my second favorite time of year (I’m a spring baby). I enjoy this time of year because it’s filled with so much cheer and holiday spirit.

I mean it seems like from November until January, it’s just potlucks and parties right?!

Yesterday I attended my office Christmas party and I had a blast, we sipped hot cocoa and/or wine by the fireplace listening to the best Christmas songs of the 90s, and we even played a pretty entertaining game of Dirty Santa.

Christmas parties are meant to be a fun social event to reward employees, foster cohesiveness and boost employee morale, but do remember office parties, whether onsite or offsite are still strictly business events.

Here are some basic rules and guidelines to surviving your holiday office party:

Do attend. Although in most cases showing up to your holiday party is optional, it’s a good idea to be there. Making an appearance shows that you are a team player. It also gives you an opportunity to cultivate relationships with people at work whom you may not normally get to interact with on a consistent basis at work.

Make sure you are dressed appropriately. It’s still an office function, so make sure you have a good choice in conservative attire that is not too revealing, short, tight or flashy. Don’t pull the nightclub attire from your closet for the event.

Have fun and mingle (but don’t get too cozy). Smile, be friendly and enjoy yourself at the party, don’t spend all evening talking about work. Employers spend the big bucks to reward their employees, so be sure to enjoy the only holiday gift you may be getting from the company.

Have a social plan. Have a few icebreakers or general small-talk talking points as conversation starts. HINT: Avoid discussing politics and religion, if you have nothing else to talk about ask about families and children, most people are always up to gloating about their family.

Show your gratitude. It’s always a nice touch to find out who organized the party and thank them personally. Also, this is a great time to thank your boss, coworkers and team members for all their help and hard work during the past year.

Don’t Get Drunk. I feel like this doesn’t need to be said, but just for that one person that may need to see it in black and white, DON”T GET DRUNK. It’s perfectly okay to have a cocktail or two, but know your limits and don’t over do it. If you do drink, don’t drive.

What are some other tips or do's and don't you have for office parties? Drop you response in the comments below.

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