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Soulista Spotlight: Matchmaker & Relationship Coach Dominique De'Vizia

In the Soulista Spotlight is Ms Dominique De’Vizia!

Dominique is a certified matchmaker, divorce mediator, life/family/relationship coach. Dominique decided to marry her experience with her passion for relationships by launching De’Vizia & Co. And in this Soulista Spotlight she's sharing some of her wisdom about business and relationships.

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About Dominique De’Vizia

There's a new matchmaker in town and she is helping single parent professional find love on their own terms, helping them blend & balance their families more effectively while serving up some no nonsense tough love in the process. Meet Dominique, 29, she became a stepmom at 18, single mom at 23 met and fell in love at 26 and she is currently blending her family successfully with minimal drama and no help from the courts. With at least 10 years of life experience under her belt, Dominique decided to marry her experience with her passion for relationships and launched De'Vizia & Company a boutique matchmaking and relationship agency designed with single parents in mind. Dominique is a certified matchmaker, divorce mediator, life/family/relationship coach and is currently pursuing an advanced degree in Marriage & Family Therapy.

Dominique’s Advice for Single Parents

So what is her advice to single parent professionals who’s ready to jumpstart their love life? 1. Stop using your child and your career as a crutch, being a single parent, CEO, or professional is a role that you actively play in your life but it does not define you, 2. Stop assuming that just because you are a single parent professional no one will understand your demanding schedule, life is about balance and choices with or without children. 3. Your child will grow up and leave you in the dust because they have their own lives to live as they should. get you a village, start doing the work internally and get ya [butt] back in the game!

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About Soulista Spotlight: Soulista Spotlights is the ONLY series dedicated to empowering black women to transform their lives through purpose discovery, career leadership and entrepreneurship. The purpose of this new series is to provide a platform for black women to share their stories, while inspiring others to create a life of success and happiness on their own terms.This is one Soulista Spotlight you don’t want to miss, join the conversation live from our Facebook page every Tuesday at 7PM CST.

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