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Cape Town South Africa Travel Vlog | Robben Island, Stellenbosch, Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope

I spent 2 weeks in South Africa and documented my whole adventure! Check out this video that captures the second have of my trip to Cape Town after spending the first 6 days in Johannesburg!

In this video:

Day 7 - Cape Town Walking Tour

Day 8 - Robben Island Tour Day

9 - Stellenbosch Wine Tour

Day 10 - Table Mountain

Day 11 - Cape of Good Hope Tour

Day 12 - District Six Museum & Langa Township

Disclaimer: This vlog is longer than a normal vlog because I wanted to be intentional about using my platform to highlight the cultural history of Cape Town, to skip the historical commentary skip to about the 8:40 mark.

Watch part 1 in Johannesburg ➡️


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