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Entrepreneur Life Era is Official Over It's Time for A 2024 Life Reset

Today, I want to share a personal shift I'm making going into 2024: waving goodbye to the entrepreneur hustle of 2023 and stepping into CEO shoes for 2024.

So, rewind to the last few year as an entrepreneur - years of hustle, creating different courses, hosting workshops and webinar every other week and constantly finding new ways to generate my revenue in my business left and right.

But guess what? I hit the brakes. I took some time to reflect, understand my human design, and boy, was it an eye-opener. I'm a Generator with a 4/6 profile. It's like the universe handed me a roadmap to joy and success.

No more constant hustling, just honing in on what truly lights me up.

Now, let's talk about this shift from entrepreneur to CEO. It's not just a title change; it's a mindset makeover. As a CEO, it's about strategic moves, making decisions that align with your vision, and steering the ship with purpose. Less scattergun, more laser-focused. And hey, it's not just about the business; it's about my well-being too.

Aligning with joy? That's my jam now. Courses and offers? Sure, but only if they spark joy and align with my Generator vibes. It's about quality over quantity. We're ditching the overwhelm and embracing the joy that comes with doing what feels right. Trust me, it's a game-changer.

Fast forward to 2024 — what's on the horizon? A CEO mindset means scaling smartly, not just scaling for the sake of it. I'll be sharing my journey, the wins, the challenges, and how this shift impacts my business. Spoiler: it's all about growth, fulfillment, and making space for the unexpected.


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