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How to Use Instagram GUIDES Feature for Your Business | 10 UNIQUE Ideas for IG Guide

Whaddup Kingdom Builders, welcome back to my channel! Today, I'm taking a risk and betting the Instagram Guides feature is about to become a thing soon as Instagram becomes more SEO-driven. You may be wondering what are Instagram Guides or how to create Instagram Guides for business to boost your sales, visibility and reach, in this video I'm sharing 10 ideas for how to use Instagram Guides for your business.

Now I know you're probably like but Ebony nobody asked for Guides and nobody's talking about them. Instagram did drop Guides on us like it was hot and then leave but I'm willing to bet IG will start pushing this feature more soon, especially with the latest Instagram Guides feature update that allows you to share Guides to your newsfeed. And you can pin the link to your Guides on Pinterest too!

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