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Recently, I took to social media to allow my followers to ask me anything. And now I've compile a very special video with the top eleven questions, so you all can get to know me just a little bit better, beyond the brand and what you see on social media.

Some know me as Ebony Evaughn, the career coach, the business coach, the workshop facilitator or professional speaker, but I am just a regular person like everyone else. I am a woman on a mission... the pursuit of purpose.

I am Ebony, God’s beloved daughter, with gifts of administration, exhortation and servitude strategically handcrafted by God to empower and authenticate a generation of world changers. I am an ambitious freedom seeking soul, striving to live a fearless life, inspiring others to do the same.

I am a student of my profession always learning new things to sharpen my crafts. I am a woman of many talents and passions. I am a creative entrepreneur, encourager, coach, problem solver and purpose pusher. I work hard and I play hard. I love teaching while sharing my uniquely designed gifts with others, traveling the world exploring new place, embracing new experiences and trying new things.

I stay connected to my spirituality through daily prayer and affirmations. I long to see myself as God sees me and to see others as God sees them, manifesting the glory of God that is within us. I am walking the path of my higher purpose and I have a clear, joyous vision of where I want to go. I am delighted in embracing my purpose. When I delight myself in my purpose, I invite others to delight in their purpose. I am a happy successful black woman.

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