Webinar Boss

All-in-1 Webinar Sales System to Attract New Clients on Webinars with EASE



Real talk ...

What are your online sales like?

Are your phone consultations pulling in new clients?

Are your social media posts selling your digital products and services like you hoped?

Are those DM tactics making you feel spammy and slimy?

Or does it feel more like the "gurus" lied to you ...

Because I see you hustling, putting one heel in front of the other in hopes of turning your skills and expertise into a profitable, "look-mama-I-made-it" business.

But ...

Nobody's buying. (Or at least not buying enough)

Listen, before I let you know who I am, I want you to know this:

I see your passion.

I see your perseverance.

I see your struggles.

And I'm here to give you a better sales strategy to rake in more sales, attract your DREAM clients and transform your passion, tenacity, and struggles into the BOSSED UP business you've always dreamed of without the stress and overwhelm.

The truth is ...

It's time to try something different.

You see, phone consultations are a great sales strategy, but they take a lot of time and only allow you to consult one person at a time.

Social Media is a great lead generator, but if people aren't willing to follow you... they probably won't buy from you either. 

And direct messaging strangers is just awful.

The answer?

One word: WEBINARS!

Ever wonder how biz superstars like Danielle Leslie and Russell Brunson pump out loads of value-packed content that makes people rush to whip out their debit cards?


Yep, they're building big brands, launching 7-figure courses, and changing millions of lives. 

And you can too.


Introducing Webinar Boss! 

Webinar Boss is your all-in-one webinar sales system to attract high-ticket clients for your coaching programs and online courses while simplifying your online sales strategy. 


And the best part is, you get easy-to-follow video tutorials, examples, templates, and scripts to set up your webinar from scratch.  



Here's What's Included...

Sales Page

Secrets Training


Step-by-step instructional

video to set up your webinar registration page and sales page with tips and tricks to increase your opt-in rate and conversion rate.

$399 Value

Webinar Boss

Presentation Script


Convert webinar attendees into high-paying clients with this optimized, plug-and-play Canva webinar presentation template strategically structured to increase your sales.

$299 Value

Webinar Boss Email Templates


Word-for-word pre-webinar emails to get registrants excited to show up live and money-in-the-bank post-webinar emails to continue raking in sales even after your webinar ends. 

$197 Value



With Webinar Boss there's...

  • No hours of Googling how to build a webinar that converts

  • No more guessing how to get high-ticket clients for your coaching programs or online courses

  • No spends $1,000s on an expensive Webinar course

  • No posting desperately in FB groups for answers to your webinar questions

  • No wasting $1,000s hiring a designer to make your Webinar slides

  • No spending $1,000s hiring a copywriter to write your webinar sales email sequence




mockuper (4).png

Bonus 1

Webinar Launch Checklist

Escape decision paralysis and take the guesswork out of building your webinar from scratch with this paint-by-numbers Webinar Launch Checklist.  

Simply follow the checklist to build your webinar that converts from start to finish. 


Bonus 2

Webinar Boss

Trello Board

Save time and stay organized with this Webinar Boss Trello Board that serves as your Webinar Launch Hub. Easy plan the logistics of your webinar and track your process.  Also great if you have a VA or team assisting with your launch. 


mockuper (1).png

Bonus 3

Promote Your Webinar

Worried about leads? 


I got you! When you grab your Webinar Boss Bundle I reveal 50 places where you can promote your webinar to fill your webinar room.  

VALUE $147


Grab Webinar Boss Bundle... quick!

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Total Value Including Bonuses $1,236
Regular Price $497
Today's Price $99

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for coaches and course creators?

No! :) This webinar sales system can work for coaches, consultants, service providers and experts, including: coaches, mentors, consultants, freelancers, bloggers, creative entrepreneurs, course creators, speakers, trainers, tutors, authors, healers, event hosts, retreat leaders, personal trainers, massage therapists, dieticians, event planners, photographers, web/graphic designers, therapists & counselors, interior decorators, virtual assistants, financial advisors, CPAs & accountants, personal assistants, travel agents, social media managers, makeup artists, Reiki practitioners and more! You can use this sales system to sell practically ANYTHING!

What if I purchase Webinar Boss and don't like it?

Due to the nature of digital downloads, all sales are final. Please email me at info@soulstruck.com to ensure your satisfaction.

When do I get access to Webinar Boss?

Immediately. As soon as you purchase you'll receive an email with login details to access anything in your bundle in one plaace (you may need to give it a few minutes depending on your email provider).

I sell a service, will this work for me?

Yes! Webinar Boss was created with service providers in mind. Webinar Boss is strategically designed to help you create and launch a high converting webinar.


I'm Ebony

"I help corporate professional and 1st-time entrepreneurs turn their skills and expertise into profitable online businesses using simple digital marketing strategies."

Hi, I'm Ebony Evaughn, founder of Soulstruck Republic. I'm your typical faith walking millennial who LOVES strategy, sales, traveling all over the world, and honey-chipotle tacos.

Coaches, consultants, 9-to-5ers, and service providers rely on my strategic, solution-driven business sense and uncanny business development superpowers to transform their skills, talents, and ideas into successful online brands that pull in $10K or more in revenue month after month.

If there's one thing I've learned running a 6-figure business, it's you need systems, processes, and templates for EVERYTHING!That's why I created the Webinar Boss Bundle so entHERpreneurs can focus on serving clients instead of spending all their time trying to find them.

I've been running successful webinars for over 4 years, inside Webinar Boss Bundle, I'm pulling back the curtain on my exact webinar sales system that has generated over $300k in revenue.