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Do you believe you're called to start an online business but don't know where to start? Or maybe you want financial freedom, or simply have a really cool idea, but lack a clear strategy or direction to turn your idea into income? 

No worries, you are in the RIGHT place. Join the FREE Manifest Your Business Challenge and gain the tactics and skill necessary to build a profitable 6-figure online business. In this challenge I am walking you through 8 outcome-driven daily challenge to build a profitable online business, in any industry!

Enter your contact details below to join the challenge and start creating your dream business.


Manifest Your Business

Act NOW. Join the FREE 8-Day Challenge

to build your business empire.


Audriana V

"I'm not sure if this challenge is
suppose to be hard but to be honest it's one of the hardest/liberating things I've done. Only because I feel like I know who I am and where I'm suppose to be BUT I'm such a reserved person that's the hard part. Moving myself out of old and comforting ways. Thank you for doing this challenge."

Autumn B

"Ebony.....I.... love you! This challenge is really elevating my business mentality. Thank you! Major thank you for offering this free 8 day business challenge. Her tips helped me to put realistic steps towards my yearly goal."

Stephanie L

"The biggest thing I've learned is making the Conscience effort to switching my mindset from when I have negative thoughts and choosing to think differently or higher!"

"Hi there! I'm Ebony Evaughn, your business coach (and drill sergeant) for the next 8 days. I'm super passionate about helping start and grow profitable businesses. If that sounds like you (or you're hoping to be a business owner soon!), I hope that you'll join me in the Manifest Your Business Challenge. Get ready to hustle your booty off over the next few weeks."


More About Your Business Coach


Ebony Evaughn, founder of EntHERpreneurU, is a professional speaker, career & business coach, and author dedicated to helping women create authentic careers. Earning her Bachelors in Business Administration and minor in Sociology from Henderson State University she moved forward to earn her Masters in Human Resources Management and Business Administration from University of Maryland University College.

In a nutshell, Ebony helps young professional black woman leverage their education and skills to land their dream job or create it. Ebony is a professional speaker and coach who specializes in entrepreneurship, leadership building, women empowerment, building constructive relationships, personal and professional development through training, consultation, and facilitation.

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