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Comprehensive Program Audit
For Coaches & Course Creators

$250 USD

This comprehensive program audit provides a thorough analysis of your program curriculum, ensuring it's engaging, effective, and meeting the needs of your students. I will provide actionable feedback and suggestions to help you improve your program content and maximize your impact.

What's included in this package:
  • 30-Minute Pre-Audit Scoping Call

  • Detailed Audit Report w/ Results & Recommendations 

  • 60-Minute Post-Audit Follow-Up Session

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Comprehensive Operations Audit
For Online Service Providers

$350 USD

Uncover inefficiencies, spot weak links, and elevate your business operations and workflows. This audit has a strategic focus on business planning, operational efficiency, process optimization, scalability, and team performance, ensuring not just survival but triumph in the online business world. Maximize your resources, make better decisions, and watch your business soar. Harness the power of optimization and maximize your resource allocation and profits.

What's included in this package:
  • 30-Minute Pre-Audit Scoping Call

  • Detailed Audit Report w/ Results & Recommendations 

  • 60-Minute Post-Audit Follow-Up Session

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Dedicated Online Business Management for Busy Solopreneurs

Starting at $1,300

Need a online business manager to optimize your business operations and maximize your workflows? I specialize in team development, system implementation, operational efficiency, and process optimization. Experience an efficiency boost, strategic focus, team harmony, and the ability to scale with confidence. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to heightened client satisfaction. Transform your business seamlessly with my expert touch.

Package Options:
  • 20 Monthly OBM Hours

  • 40 Monthly OBM Hours


Dedicated Fractional COO Advising
for Scaling Online Service Providers 

Starting at $850

Achieve your bold business vision and strategic goals with me as your trusted top-tier strategist. From strategic business planning to operational efficiency, I've got you covered. Benefit from data-driven decision-making, optimized organizational design, and proactive problem-solving. Consult with a strategic powerhouse a few times a month with a focus on optimizing operations, scaling, and making sure the business is running on all cylinders.

Package Options:
  • 10 Monthly fCOO Hours

  • 20 Monthly fCOO Hours

  • Custom Packages Available


Full-Service Launch Management
For Online Programs

Starting at $5000

My full-service launch management is your one-stop shop with all the support and guidance you need to create and launch your program successfully so you can reach a wider audience and achieve your launch goals.

What's included in this package:
  • 60-Minute Project Scoping Call

  • Launch Plan Based on Launch Goal & Timeline

  • Marketing Strategy (Development of Target Audience, Messaging, Pricing, Sales Funnel, & Promotional Activities)

  • Tech Set-Up, Integration & Support (Course Platform, Webinars, Payment Processors, Etc)

  • 30-Day Voxer & Email Customer Support

  • 60-Minute Project Wrap-Up Call


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I absolutely loved working with

Ebony on my new online business!

I had this idea of helping people who were ESL speakers pronounce English words better, but I just didn't know how to make it happen. When it came to turning it into a business I didn't know where to start or what to do. After working with Ebony, I was able to hone in on my ideal client, put my website together, and get all my marketing campaigns together. I got 7 paid beta testers to validate my offer and got my first official paying client. Now I have all these ideas and plans in motion instead of them just sitting in my head.

Nicole P., Annunciation Coach
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