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Soulista Spotlight: Author & Entrepreneur Tasha McCray

About Tasha McCray

Tasha McCray is an Author, Entrepreneur, Business Educator, and Speaker who has defeated many personal and professional challenges by exercising her Faith, Ambition, and Persistence. Those qualities along with her vision to set the bar for the Virtual Professional industry help to distinguish her as the best professional resource available for busy Business Professionals. Her Vision motivated her to officially launch her first business Honorable Mention Resources, LLC in 2014.

Driven to improve the Productivity and Efficiency of Entrepreneurs, Tasha takes pride in teaching others to bridge the gap between ideas and action by executing while establishing lasting business relationships built on the foundation of Value, Quality Work, and Trust.

Tasha leverages her natural work ethic and personal philosophy that there’s always room for improvement and better ways to get things done by helping business owners reclaim their most valuable asset - Time. Her strategies focus on maintaining quality while working smart by implementing efficient processes. Her experiences have taught her that life is full of ongoing lessons and that can either elevate you or keep you stagnant, but you always have a choice. By applying this knowledge, Tasha has designed a workflow to increase productivity without sacrificing quality or service standards, which can be scaled on an Individual or Organizational Level.

Tasha’s Published Works

Unlocking The Power in Your Value: Stay True to Your Vision

People will ALWAYS invest in what they VALUE While your contribution and value to the world isn’t decreased by the inability of others to recognize what you have to offer, aligning your vision with success can place you in the mindset to make yourself known.

Are you ready to Unlock the Power of Your Value? Learn about the principles of Visualizing, Planning, and Executing

  • Conquer the fears & doubts that block your path

  • Manage your time wisely

  • Adjust your Mindset

  • Starve your distractions and feed your focus

  • Most Importantly Keep going

Staying true to your vision without compromising your value is the essence of unlocking the potential of your power. When you decide to become an Entrepreneur, and begin your own business enterprise, you are tested on the responsibilities thrusted upon you, and will be judged by your success or failure.

What is the singular difference between a successful risk taker, and an employee?

Mindset. The way you relate to the work, to the industry, and to your daily life is strategically important to unlocking your value. By identifying the mindset, you have, you’ll be able to understand how to operate your business and develop long term success.

The Visionary Entrepreneur 2018 Planner

The Visionary Entrepreneur Planner is a Multipurpose Planner for Business Men & Women to Plan their Vision, Track Monthly Goals, Expenses, Interactive Writing Prompts, Daily Schedule/Routine Tracker, Monthly and Weekly Calendars. Also, features motivational quotes throughout and Notes\Journaling pages.

The Art of Being Productive & Decision Making E-Book

Anyone can be busy but are your Productive? If you find yourself often feeling as if there aren’t enough hours in a day, it’s probably because you aren’t making the best use of your time. Everyone gets the same 24 Hours each day but what if you could be more productive? Stop The Glorification of Busy and Get Productive with tips to increase productivity and effective decision making in business.

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