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Business Lessons from RHOA Porsha Williams Pursuit of Porsha & Porsha's Family Matters

Wrong Road? Pursuit of Porsha & Porsha's Family Matters | Porsha Williams (RHOA) | #CelebrityBusiness

Whaddup, here's another episode of #CelebrityBusiness and today we are uncovering some savvy business lessons on branding and positioning from the Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams.

We all tuned in last season when we saw Porsha and Simon meet on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Since RHOA season 5 we've seen some of Porsha William's best moments and her lowest of lows, some of which will be in Porsha Williams' new book, Pursuit of Porsha and TV series Porsha's Family Matters coming out soon.

The book and show are set to give a closer look at the former DishNation star's life, but let's talk about the timing of it all.


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