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[sohl-lee-stuh] n. a woman devoted to living from her soul who creates, manifests or promotes a soulful lifestyle; a very soulful woman; one who lives according to the desires of her soul. 


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Do you want my help discovering your purpose, clarifying your reason for living and successfully monetizing it all? Let’s chat!

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I'm Ebony

"I am a life purpose coach and my super power is strategy. I use this God-given gift, along with wisdom and experience to create road maps that help others accomplish life, career and business goals. 

Where others may see problems, I naturally see solutions. I have an unmatched ability to streamline processes, turn your struggles into simple, yet effective actionable steps, confusion into clarity, ideas into signature products or services and struggles into opportunities. 

I come alive when I am able to use strategy to make difficulties easy for others. (You know kinda like when Superman jets off flying high into the sky.) I’m able to see the big picture and map out the necessary steps to get to desired results in the most efficient and economical way possible.

If you’re serious about leveling up your life, career or business, let’s chat! I’d to be the source of transformation to get you from point A, where you are now to point B, the end result of where you want to be."