Online coaches and course creators come to me when they want to create and launch transformational programs that produce REAL client results and rake in consistent revenue.

I know you have the expertise and technical skills; I'm here to teach you the business skills and strategies you need to build a profitable online program that generates revenue in your business and better results for your clients. 


Welcome to Soulstruck Republic, the place where we equip online coaches with the business strategy, skills, and resources necessary to build sustainable online businesses that produce more revenue and better client results.


Get Laser-Focused, High-Touch Business Strategy to Create The Profitable Online Business You Keep Telling Yourself Is Possible


Every day online coaches, course creators and online service providers rely on my strategic, solution-driven business sense and uncanny business development superpowers to transform their skills, talents, and ideas into successful online programs that pull in $10K or more in revenue month after month.


If you’re ready to turn your skills into services, your ideas into income, and your woes into wins, pull up on me inside Kingdom Built Launch Accelerator.

As a launch and digital sales strategist, I've supported hundreds of clients at every step of their program creation and launch process and helped countless others perfect their offers, plan their marketing strategy, streamline their systems, and more.


Watch "How to Get More Clients, Make More Money & Level Up Your Marketing in 2022" 

An exclusive profit-boosting, 60-minute masterclass for coaches and course creators who want to build a sustainable coaching business that pulls in consistent revenue and predictable leads without the hustle and grind... even if you're just starting out. Walk away with the inside scoop on:

  • The 3 Core Marketing Pillars you MUST implement (if you want to create a cash-generating online coaching business)

  • How to stop chasing clients and start ATTRACTING your best-ever dream clients - those who pay you top dollar - no questions asked

  • The 3 MUST-HAVE elements of an irresistible premium offer that makes price irrelevant and kickstart consistent revenue in your business

  • My exclusive, failproof marketing system my clients use to generate predictable leads and sales on repeat (and guidance on how you can do the same) 

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Join our high-vibe coaching community and get the support you need to build a thriving coaching business.

Kingdom Built Society is a high vibe community for online coaches who want support while building their online coaching business. Whether you are looking to launch your first coaching program or looking to scale an existing program, this community has everything you need.


Connect with like-minded coaches, access monthly workshops, participate in interactive group challenges, join results-driven discussions, and more from our web-based community safe space.


Get the support you need to build a thriving coaching business.


I'm Ebony

"I am a business development coach and my superpower is strategy. I use this God-given gift, along with wisdom and experience to create roadmaps that help 9-5ers, coaches, consultants, and other service providers use their existing expertise to create profitable, online businesses and hit consistent $10k months.

Where others may see problems, I naturally see solutions. I have an unmatched ability to streamline processes, turn your struggles into simple, yet effective actionable steps, confusion into clarity, ideas into signature products or services and struggles into opportunities. 

If you’re serious about leveling up your life or business, let’s work! I’d love to be the source of transformation to get you from point A, where you are now to point B, launching a wildly successful online business of your dreams."