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If you've been looking for proven email funnels and feeling daunted in setting up your first sales funnel you're not alone. Setting up a sales funnel requires a couple of skill sets not often found within new entrepreneurs or online business owners:


First it requires strategic knowledge in terms of how to structure the funnel to capture emails through a lead magnet and lead people through a series of products to purchase your core offering and maximize revenue.


Second it requires the ability to design the pages in a way that will convert the highest, as well as use sales copywriting to convince people to take the action to opt in and ultimately purchase.


These email funnels are designed to push people further and further through the funnel to yield three results:

  • Increase your number of customers
  • Increase your average transaction value per customer
  • Increase your number of transactions per customer
  • Turn your visitors or followers into buyers


I created this Email Funnels Pack so you can quickly and easily install a hardworking funnels in your business that will help you:

  • Grow your leads and sales consistently. No hype and no gimmicks. You need a realistic, plug-n-play marketing blueprint that will work today and years in the future to grow your business.
  • Save money and countless hours of trying to do it yourself, struggling forward by trial and error. Just because your budget may be limited, your ability to grow doesn’t have to be. Expensive ads aren’t necessary.
  • Avoid sleepless nights, and enjoy piece of mind from mathematical probability and a proven web marketing blueprint designed to grow leads and sales.


This Email Funnels Pack includes:

  • Welcome Email Funnel Templates
  • Upselling Email Funnel Templates
  • Webinar Email Funnel Templates
  • 3 Dynamic Email Funnel Flowcharts
  • 38 Proven Email Headers that Work
  • My Top 12 Converting Emails Swipe File
  • BONUS: 12 Ideas to Create High-Value Lead Magnets Training


My goal is for you to never have to spend time hustling for leads again. I want you to never worry about where you will find your next customer, client or project. Instead, this course is designed to help you focus on achieving predictability and growth by building you a lead generation system.

Plug n Play Email Funnels Pack

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