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Most coaches struggle to get their online coaching business off the ground due to a lack of knowledge and experience. CoachCorrect was created to educate and equip existing online coaches with the business skills, coaching techniques, and instructional design tips necessary to ethically build a thriving online coaching business once and for all. Even if you've tried in the past and gotten less than stellar results ... Or if you're a budding entrepreneur and just starting out!

Learn Advanced Coaching Techniques And Business Strategies You Need To Create More Engaging, Results-Driven Coaching Programs, Expand Your Client Base, And Increase Your Revenue WITHOUT Sleazy Marketing Tactics


Put An End To The Guesswork And Grow with Confidence Once And For All!




Hey ambitious, forward-thinking coach, let’s get real about something:

The coaching industry has changed, everyone knows it, yet no one wants to really talk about it.

You see, every time you check Instagram another online coach pops up on your newsfeed flexin’ their “Millionaire club” status with a screenshot of all the payment notifications that rolled in while sleeping, jet-setting first-class on a non-stop flight to Bali and sippin’ Mai Tais out of a pineapple on the beach in Tulum carrying on as if nothing has happened and like it’s business as usual. 

While you’re happy for them, you can’t help but wonder why it’s not happening for you. Another month has gone by and you’re spending more time scrolling through Instagram than actually working with the raving coaching clients you keep promising yourself are possible. 

You thought building a successful online coaching business would be easy, but right about now, your ambitions don’t match your reality (or your bank account).

You’ve been showing up consistently day by day putting one heel in front of the other. Reading every marketing book you can get your hands on.

And listening to guru after guru but nothing seems to be giving you the blueprint to success they’ve promised. 

No matter how hard you’ve tried, you don’t have any 4 or 5-figure deposits to screenshot and high-five about with your biz bestie. 

There’s no traffic flooding your website.

No one’s running to the link in your bio.

Or scheduling discovery calls with you … even though it’s FREE.

If you’d known it would be this hard to build a sustainable online coaching business, you would have just kept your day job and applied for that work promotion to continue your climb up the corporate ladder.

Here’s The Truth ...

While it might appear that every online coach is living their best life and built a six- or seven-figure business overnight … they didn’t. The truth is, building a successful coaching business is tough. 

Did You Know.png

You see, despite the fact coaching is a $15 billion industry and there is a clear demand for coaching, 95% of online coaches struggle to attract and retain paying clients. Contrary to what you see online, many coaches are scrambling for their next client, struggling to retain existing clients, and taking on additional side hustles just to make ends meet. 

And it that’s you, here’s what I want you to know … 

It’s not your fault.

As a seasoned business coach and experienced curriculum designer with nearly a decade of entrepreneurship under my belt, with 95% precision, I can easily detect why you’re struggling to get coaching clients. And, if you have had clients here and there, but they aren’t giving results. I can detect why you can’t deliver results consistently.


I'm Ebony

Ebony Evaughn 2.jpg

Look, don’t give up on yourself. I know you can do this. By the way, I'm Ebony Evaughn, a business instructional design coach, founder of Soulstruck Republic, and the creator of CoachCorrect™.  


Coaches and course creators rely on my strategic, solution-driven business sense and uncanny business development superpowers to transform their skills, talents, and ideas into successful coaching programs that pull in consistent revenue while getting your clients' braggadocious results month after month.


Before building my current business, I leveraged my HR experience and degrees to build a successful career coaching business, where I coached individuals 1:1 and conducted group trainings and workshops for various NPOs, churches, and colleges.

Then I realized there was a huge need to bring the training techniques I learned in the HR world to the online coaching industry. After cracking the code, I’ve been able to build a profitable business for myself and other ambitious online coaches and course creators. And you can rely on me to do the same for you. 

Here’s the thing:


After years of experience helping coaches and course creators develop online coaching programs and curricula, I’ve learned there are 4 common coaching industry problems that keep online coaches from building the thriving coaching business they want. 

The coaching industry has a huge problem and you know it too, that's why you're here.

So let's address the elephant in the room...



The problem is, most coaching programs that make wild claims to teach you how to build a profitable coaching business overpromise and underdeliver. They teach vague business advice, use outdated or incorrect information, and lack sufficient instructional design, which fails to produce real results and leaves you (and your clients) feeling frustrated and stuck.

While you mean well and truly want to use your skills and expertise to help others, no one has ever taught you how to tap into your coaching style and leverage actual coaching techniques that set your coaching program up for growth and impact.

You see, many coaches just like you have the techniques skills, expertise, and college degrees that make you good at what they do but you lack the required business skills to effectively manage and operate the business aspects of what you do.

And the harsh truth is, because the coaching industry is unregulated it has become oversaturated with underqualified and inexperienced coaches who misrepresent their qualifications making it harder to stand out and know who you can trust in today's competitive coaching landscape.

And listennn, this doesn’t even address the ethical and moral issues that arise with the sleazy, gorilla marketing style sales tactics that most coaches teach … But no one talks about that either.

In a nutshell, building a sustainable online coaching business comes down to 2 key elements: business skill and coaching techniques.

You see, people underestimate the power of advanced coaching techniques and the business acumen required to actually grow a coaching business … Well, at least a profitable one.

That's why I created CoachCorrect.

I know firsthand the struggles that coaches like you face in today's online coaching industry. The lack of regulation, the oversaturated markets and competition, the limited accountability, the pressure of meeting client expectations and outcomes, and the constant battle against burnout and self-care. It can feel overwhelming, frustrating, and even demoralizing at times.

But there’s good news: I've created a solution that will help you overcome these challenges and take your coaching business to new heights. CoachCorrect is a comprehensive training program strategically designed specifically for existing online coaches who want to learn advanced coaching techniques and business skills.


Unlike other coaching programs that focus on sales and marketing, CoachCorrect focuses on developing your coaching and business skills so you can refine your coaching program for success. In just 8 short weeks, you will learn how to tap into your unique skills and qualifications, reframe your coaching niche, turbocharge your coaching program for growth and impact, and more.

Introducing ...

Bundle Mockups (9).png

A power-packed, 7-week interactive training program strategically designed for existing online coaches struggling to grow their coaching business and want to leverage their knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to attract more coaching clients and increase their revenue.

Perfect for online coaches and digital course creators who want practical and actionable business strategies to build a thriving online coaching business, expand their client base, and become a recognized thought leader in their industry.


Walk Away With:


+ A clear understanding of how to leverage your qualifications and KSAs to build your authority and position your digital products and services in the market.

+ Optimized coaching programs, digital courses and services that produce amazing client results.

+ Proven business and marketing strategies to promote your coaching programs so you can hit your sales and revenue goals.

+ Advanced coaching techniques, keen business insight and industry best practices for running a successful coaching business.

+ Practical instructional design strategies, business guidance, and useful tools you can use immediately to boost your program effectiveness.


Untitled design (27).png


Untitled design (27).png

Sleazy Sales

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Here’s What You Get:

12-Month Access to CoachCorrect Curriculum (Value $999)

In this program, you’ll get the tools, strategies, and best practices to leverage your KSAs and grow your coaching business. I’ll take you by the virtual hand and walk you through the 7-week CoachCorrect curriculum so you can work to define your coaching niche, refine your coaching products and services, create a compelling brand, develop your coaching style, create marketing and sales strategies, and more so you can expand your coaching business and improve your coaching skills.

CoachCorrect Guided Companion Workbook (Value $129)

This easy-to-follow guided workbook offers a combination of theoretical concepts, practical exercises, swipe files, templates, and real-world examples that make it easy to plow through CoachCorrect with confidence and ease.

60-Day Email & Voxer Support (Value $693)

Take advantage of our "60-Day Email & Voxer Support" package to get unlimited personalized coaching via emails and voice messages, allowing you to communicate at your own pace and convenience for direct access to our experienced coach who will provide you with guidance, feedback, and support to help you progress through the program.

Digital 3D Mockup Template (Value $79)

Elevate your digital product presentation with our easy-to-use Canva templates, adding a realistic and professional touch to your digital products. Use them to showcase your digital products on sales pages, social media graphics, emails and more.

BONUS: Coaching Program Audit (Pay-In-Full Only Value $295)

When you pay in full, you’ll get a comprehensive program audit with expert analysis and in-depth review of every aspect of your coaching program, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and untapped opportunities. You'll receive a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations tailored to your coaching business, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive meaningful improvements.


Get clarity, support and guidance like Danisha:

When I signed up, I was at a place where I really didn’t know what I needed to have in a signature program to attract the right clients that I wanted to serve.  There was so much noise on the internet space, I felt frustrated and overwhelmed. I was able to get clear about my signature offer, my values and exactly what was needed in order to bring transformation to the women that I serve. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should work with Ebony or whether you should give this a try, I say do it! You'll definitely get is clarity, the support you need and you’ll get no fluff in how the program is delivered and how you are able to execute it successfully. So Ebony THANK YOU so much, I wouldn’t have been able to launch my own program without going through your framework. I really appreciate everything that you have done and the continued support that I receive. 

Danisha Bailey

This Offer Won’t Be Around Forever … 

This is an exclusive introductory offer for founding members only. For a limited time only, I’m making this training program available at a special introductory rate for existing EntHERpreneurU students and webinar attendees. 


Once CoachCorrect is released to the general public the price will increase to the normal retail price. 

Choose Your Plan!


Kingdom Built OnDemand Course
Biweekly High-Touch 1:1 Coaching
Small, Cozy Group Coaching

Kingdom Built Cheatsheets

Program Audits + Offer Reviews

Monthly Masterclasses + Challenges
Kingdom Built Private Student Lounge

2022 Business Planning Session

1:1 Launch In A Day VIP Intensive

Kingdom Built Society Private Podcast
Priority Access to Group Retreats
Exclusive Discounts Off Products & Services

One-Time Payment (Save $500)

Regular $2,495






Kingdom Built OnDemand Course
Biweekly High-Touch 1:1 Coaching
Small, Cozy Group Coaching

Kingdom Built Cheatsheets

Program Audits + Offer Reviews

Monthly Masterclasses + Challenges
Kingdom Built Private Student Lounge

2022 Business Planning Session

1:1 Launch In A Day VIP Intensive

Kingdom Built Society Private Podcast
Priority Access to Group Retreats
Exclusive Discounts Off Products & Services


Investment $2,495
5 MONTHLY PAYMENTS (No hidden fees)



5 (4).png

I absolutely loved working with

Ebony on my new online business!

I had this idea of helping people who were ESL speakers pronounce English words better, but I just didn't know how to make it happen. When it came to turning it into a business I didn't know where to start or what to do. After working with Ebony, I was able to hone in on my ideal client, put my website together, and get all my marketing campaigns together. I got 7 paid beta testers to validate my offer and got my first official paying client. Now I have all these ideas and plans in motion instead of them just sitting in my head.

Nicole P., Annunciation Coach

Here’s The Truth:


I’m tired of overpriced online business coaching programs that don’t produce results.

I’m tired of digital courses that overpromise and underdeliver.

I’m tired of the coaching industry client success rates steadily declining year over year.

And I want to change the standard.


CoachCorrect addresses the current issues and roadblocks keeping you from building a thriving coaching business that produces results, expands your client base and builds your credibility as an industry expert. This program goes beyond generic coaching advice and provides practical strategies, tools and techniques to reframe your coaching niche and refine your coaching program to turbocharge your impact and results.

When you join CoachCorrect you’ll get advanced coaching techniques you can use immediately to boost your coaching program results.


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