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30-Day Business Optimization Challenge to Expand Your Online Coaching Business and Achieve The Ultimate Work-Life Balance

Join now and get instant access to 30 actionable daily tasks to streamline your business operations, scale your success, and elevate your impact more than ever before.


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You're Not Alone

You feel trapped in the daily grind, putting in endless hours with little to show for your efforts.

You’re drowning in a sea of chaos, struggling to keep up with administrative tasks, client inquires, and project deliverables.

You’re pouring your heart and soul into growing your business but right about now your bank account doesn’t match your efforts.

Your dreams of scaling your business fell like a distant fantasy, overshadowed by burnout from the constant hustle. 


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You're a passionate coach with a mission to impact lives, but amidst client sessions, content creation, and marketing efforts, chaos sneaks in. It's the chaos of disorganized systems, inefficient processes, and scattered workflows.

Here's the thing:

Without streamlined operations, your precious time and energy get drained. You're stuck in a cycle of manual tasks, missed opportunities, and constant firefighting. And guess what? It's not just holding you back; it's hindering your ability to truly scale your business.

Imagine having more time to focus on what truly matters: serving your clients and growing your business. That's the power of optimization. 

Hi, I am Ebony


I’ve worked behind the scenes with countless online coaches and consultants systemize their businesses. You see,  building a sustainable online business that not only survives but thrives requires the right infrastructure, systems and process. 

That’s why I created ShiftCORRECT. 

ShiftCORRECT is a comprehensive 30-day business optimization challenge tailored for online coaches designed to alleviate your business management woes and client retention struggles.

Love, Ebony

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Accelerate your business growth with proven strategies and expert guidance.
Gain access to exclusive resources, templates, and tools to fuel your success.
Transform your business in just 30 days and unlock long-lasting business success.


The answer is simple: results. Unlike generic one-size-fits-all solutions, ShiftCORRECT is tailored specifically for online coaches, you can trust that you're in good hands. This challenge isn't just about theory; it's about actionable strategies that deliver tangible results.

Join The Challenge

WHAT YOU can expect

The Challenge

Gain access to rarely-talked-about secrets to getting your business to make it rain leads and sales in bite-sized daily actionable tasks.

Streamline Your Operations

Transform the way you run your online business with ShiftCORRECT's 30-Day Business Organization Challenge.


Say goodbye to chaotic workflows and endless to-do lists. Get empowered to streamline your operations, optimize your processes, and reclaim your time. Tap into proven strategies to systemize your business from top to bottom, from email to client management.


With ShiftCORRECT, efficiency is not just a goal; it's a guarantee.

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Scale Your
Business Success

ShiftCORRECT is your ticket to scalable success. Find out the secrets to scaling your operations without sacrificing product quality or your sanity. Whether you're a seasoned coach, consultant, or freelancer, this challenge equips you with the tools and techniques to expand your reach, serve more clients, and boost your bottom line.


Say hello to growth, profitability, and peace of mind with ShiftCORRECT by your side.

Elevate Your

Make a lasting impact in your industry with ShiftCORRECT.


Discover how to elevate your brand, elevate your offerings, and elevate your influence. ShiftCORRECT goes beyond mere organization; it's about empowering you to make a difference in the lives of your clients and customers. From crafting compelling content to delivering unparalleled service, ShiftCORRECT helps you stand out as a leader in your field.


Join us and let's make waves together.

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This challenge is perfect for
you if you’re:

Image by Alexa Williams
  • Feeling overwhelmed by tasks and struggling with time management and lack clear priorities day-to-day. 

  • Plagued with plateauing revenue growth and business inefficiencies hindering business expansion.

  • Experiencing slow growth, high customer acquisition costs and struggle with identifying scalable growth channels and optimizing conversion funnels. 

  • Struggling to develop an effective content strategy that images your target audience and stands out in a crowded market. 

  • Tired of manual processes and the lack of systems or workflow management in your business. 

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Join the Challenge

Imagine having a thriving coaching business where clients are lining up to work with you, revenue is pouring in effortlessly, and you have the freedom to focus on what you love most – helping others transform their lives. Sounds too good to be true? Think again. After ShiftCORRECT, this dream can become your reality.

So what are you waiting for? Don't let another day go by feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Join the ranks of successful online coaches who have unlocked the secrets to scaling their businesses with ease. Take the first step towards a brighter future by registering for ShiftCORRECT today.

Listen, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you're ready to break free from the cycle of overwhelm and start seeing real results in your coaching business, then this 30-day business optimization challenge is your ticket to success.


Enroll now and start moving toward business growth and prosperity!

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