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002. 5 Actions for a Happier You

How often do you say to yourself I’ll be happy someday? One of these days I will get there? Well my friend, why wish for happiness one day when you can be happy today! Happiness is not a destination, but rather an attitude. An attitude you elect to ignite or diminish with your thoughts and actions. Happiness is not hard to find. It does not have anything to do with material things, desires, or quality of relationships. Happiness is a choice. Do you choose happy? If so, here are some basic actions you can take to become a happier YOU.

Be optimistic. Seek to find the good in all things. Celebrate the small moments of joy you encounter throughout the day. Did you find a heads up penny? Celebrate. Did you get a close park at the gym? Celebrate. Did you get to work on time? Celebrate. Even when mishaps occur… celebrate! Did you oversleep for work? Celebrate, maybe you were tired and really needed that extra sleep. Now when you do make it to work you will be well-rested and ready for a more productive day. This might seem ridiculous but celebrating little moments like these builds momentum and has a positive impact on you outlook.

Show Gratitude. Spend a few moments each day acknowledging the people, things, or experiences for which you are thankful. Verbally express your gratefulness to those around you. By doing so you subconsciously promote happiness. Before you go to bed at night, profess your appreciation and thankfulness for life and the things we often take for granted.

Exercise. Exercise is a natural mood booster. Exercise releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter to the brain that’s necessary for feelings of pleasure and happiness. Doing something a short as a 10-minute power walk can brighten your day, as well as boost energy and improve your well-being. Additionally, exercise is known to ease stress and anxiety and boosts confidence.

Live in the Moment. Participate in joy. Enjoy the moments that life has to offer. Stop and smell the roses. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh, a lot. Don’t stress over the little things. Establish meaningful relationships and spend time with family/friends. Studies have shown staying connected and building constructive meaningful relationships can make you happier instantly, even for introverts; especially if you are fostering valuable relationships with other happy individuals.

Don’t hold grudges. This is perhaps the most difficult task for us to accomplish, but it is achievable. Foster forgiveness and learn to let bygones be bygones. Forgive every one of past offenses and resentments. This includes yourself. Don’t hold yourself hostage to past negative experiences. By holding onto negative experiences or feelings you are hurting yourself. We all know harboring such negative feelings can lead to mental and physical ailments.

Practice these 5 actions as frequently as possible. If any or all of these actions feel uncomfortable at first keep striving to perform a few actions as often as possible. Like everything thing else, practice makes perfect. The more you work of these actions the more comfortable and natural these will occur and happiness will come as an unintended side effect. As the old English proverb states, remember, HAPPINESS IS IN THE MIND.

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