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007. There is POWER in Forgiveness

There is healing in forgiveness. While forgiveness can be beneficial for the person you are forgiving, forgiveness is mainly beneficial for you. Forgiveness is a process. It is about you letting go of a grievance someone has inflicted onto you. Forgiveness is a healing process that allows us to grow as a person, but most importantly spiritually. When you forgive someone you are freeing yourself from a vengeful bondage. If you are holding on to a grudge of your wrong doers you are dwelling in a negative spirit, if you are not careful the negative energy will fester and grow and begin to consume you, before you know darkness will surround you and impact your outlook on life itself. Additionally, by choosing not to forgive we end up getting stuck in our own past, becoming a victim to our circumstances of life.

Think about your relationship with God. Isn’t the outpouring of unconditional love, grace and mercy you receive from God amazing? Do you deserve it? There are two perfect people in the world, one dead and the other unborn. We are ALL sinners. Yes, you have been done wrong in one form or another, maybe even on multiple occasions. Maybe even multiple occasions by the same person, but if God can forgive us for our wrongs, we should be able to forgive our brothers, sisters, and neighbors too. Besides we are not saints, I am sure at some point or another you have wronged someone or sought forgiveness. In order to be forgiven you have to be able to forgive others as well.

Another reason forgiveness is important is because it is empowering for you. When you forgive others you are taking back your control and power over that situation. I remember someone once telling me. No matter how upset, frustrated, or overwhelmed you may get, never allow another personal to cause you to lose all emotional control. Never let anyone take or diminish your spirit. Forgiveness is a purification of your soul. I can think back to an aha moment for me, watching Oprah one day. She discussed her aha moment with resentment. She was so angry at someone and walked around mad and upset because of what that person did, she was out in the city one day and saw that very person across the street at a distance carrying on her life just as happy as can be without a care in the world. Then Oprah thought to herself why am I here walking around mad and she doesn’t have a care in the world. After I heard Oprah’s personal reflection, I thought that is so true. How many times have you seen someone out happily enjoying life while you were upset at them? In some cases we may have a grievance against someone and that person, is unaware or does not think the mishap is a big deal. Take your control back, get your spirit right! Free yourself, forgive. Offer forgiveness and seek forgiveness. Let your light shine bright!

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