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037. 7 Habits of Wildly Successful EntHERpreneurs

Ask any successful woman how she came to be successful and I’m sure she will tell you determination, hard work, or perseverance. Women wear many different hats at any given moment: mother, daughter, wife, friend, confidant, leader, supporter, and so on. So how does the female entrepreneur keep it all together? Habits. I hear people say all the time, “When you do what you love you never work a day in your life” or “Life is easy when you follow your passion.” Yet, it should come as no surprise the most wildly successful female entrepreneurs tend to be creatures of habit. When you have much that needs to be done, it takes self-discipline and daily habits to stay on track to accomplish your dreams. Check out the list below of 7 distinctive wildly successful habits of The Female Entrepreneur.

Invest in yourself. You put stock in your job. Invest in a house, maybe a car, so why not YOURSELF? Investing in yourself is the greatest invest you will ever make. You should always undertake actions that sharpen your mind and talents. If you have downloaded my Purpose Playbook, you know I talk a great deal about life’s personal motivators. People tend to be motivated most in life by 3 factors: autonomy, purpose and fulfillment. When you invest in yourself you are living life on your terms and making your own lifestyle decisions that benefit you most. You are able to prioritize based on your life desires, rather than trading hours for dollars. Map out your personal and professional future and take action.

Purpose + Plan. Everyone has a purpose and knowing your “why” and “what” are the first step to being a successful female entrepreneur. But along with purpose, you must have a clearly defined plan of action. Execution is everything when it comes to playing it big. Wildly successful female entrepreneurs set strategic specific objectives, prioritize and stick to them.

Visualize, dream BIG. DARE TO DREAM. One of the biggest keys to success for any entrepreneur is the passion to dream. Not only to dream but to dream big. Small dreams suck, dream big or not at all. The most successful female entrepreneurs are extremely passionate, driven, and determined to launch their enterprises through long-term self-sufficient business models all because she dared to dream. If you can dream it you can achieve it.

Nurture your mind body & soul. Expand your mind in any way possible. Whether you take an online course, or explore a different cultural lifestyle. You should always be learning with an open heart and mind. Keep your mind active by reading anything or conversing you strangers. By nurturing your mind, body and soul, you attain more wisdom, more empathy, and more energy around your passion and purpose.

Fearless. Fear can be limiting and can hinder you from achieving greatness. One of the greatest statements I ever heard about entrepreneurship is a rigid mind blocks success. Average people are average because of the fear to stand outside from the crowd. For the average person it is easier to “blend in” than let their light shine. But true entrepreneurs are not afraid to stand out. More importantly, these entrepreneurs are wildly successful because they do not let anything hold them back. They are not afraid of minor setbacks, failures or to move forward. You have to learn to never dwell on failures or problems tackle them head on and keep moving forward. Don’t let the fear of the unknown throw you off track.

Positive thinking. Attitude of gratitude. Seek to find the good in all things. Spend a few moments each day acknowledging the people, things, or experiences for which you are thankful. Being an entrepreneur takes grit, it is not for the unenthusiastic or weak hearted. It takes hard work, dedication and an unusual heightened sense of optimism to maneuver the day-to-day hustle and bustle of the fast paced entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Build Networks. Every entrepreneur knows building constructive relationships is crucial to the health of your business. If you want your community to stand behind or support your entrepreneurial initiatives you must foster relationships with clients, sponsors, other entrepreneurs and even potential partners of customers. Relationships with employees and clients go beyond just work. Building rapport through positive attitudes, integrity and transparency are successful business practices that expedite growth. You should make a habit of chitchatting with diverse people of different backgrounds or opposing views, as well as likeminded people. You never know where these interactions could lead.


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