081. 11 Ways to Rock Your Purpose

It’s time to PLAY BIG DARLING!

Whatever your purpose may be, there are several ways you can get started putting your purpose into action now. And by now I mean like NOW. Today!

I am a firm believer that your God-given talents can be monetized and you can be compensated for fulfilling your purpose and ultimately doing what you love. Before you get to the money you have to start somewhere.

It does not matter if you are a full-time working professional woman, a mother of three, unemployed or any combination of the above, you can put your purpose into action now. Start with small gestures to grow into your purpose. The important thing is to GET STARTED.

Here’s 11 ways you can start living your purpose now!

Join Online Communities. To get started in your purpose, join online communities geared towards the targeted population you want to serve. Joining these online communities serves two purposes. First, by becoming a part of these groups you have the opportunity to network with similar minded individuals and develop trust and a rapport within your purpose demographic. Secondly, since your mission is to serve and add value to this specific community you will have access to gain insight into this population’s burning desires or demographic pains, in which you will hopefully be the one to provide a solution.

Volunteer. Regardless of your location, there are volunteer opportunities within your community for you to connect and get involved with your target audience. If you are not sure where to start try googling common words or phrases from your calling. In addition, check locate directories for leaders in your field. Volunteer with organizations in your locate community to bring your purpose to fruition.

Create a Meetup Group. If you are unable to locate a community or volunteer opportunities within the area of your calling, create one. Create a meetup group for your area on community platforms like meetup.com. I am sure there are others yearning for the chance to share in your passion and purpose. This is a great way to find them.

Read personal development guides. Read personal development guides in your purpose and become an expert. This may seem a bit unorthodox, but by reading and doing a little research on your specific mission now that you have clarity your mind will be more receptive to new ideas.

Start a blog. Yes, I am aware there are already tons of blogs out there. But, your blog will be different, it offers a piece of you to the world, and you will be able to reach others in need of your knowledge, talents and abilities. By starting a blog, your target audience will be able to seek you out and come to your blog for help.

Write a book. Identify the burning desires, problems, or questions of your targeted audience and write a book about it. Your book does not need to be massive, but it should serve a need and add value to your community. Technology is your friend, you could even create a 15-20 page “How-to” eBook for a specific topic in your genre.

Write a letter. If th