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6 Brand New Teachable Features to Boost Sales and Client Experiences

Teachable, a leading online course platform, has unveiled some exciting new features that promise to not only enhance the sales potential of course creators but also provide better experiences for clients. In this article, we'll dive into these six brand-new Teachable features that are poised to revolutionize the online learning landscape.


Teachable has long been known for empowering course creators to share their expertise and monetize their content. With the introduction of these new features, the platform aims to take online learning to a whole new level, ensuring both course creators and students benefit from an enriched experience.

Buy Now, Pay Later!

Teachable has official rolled out Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) for course hosts. Using BNPL can help increase sales and make larger course purchases more accessible to more students.

In fact, according to Stripe data, BNPL can increase creators’ total sales by an average of 25%. You’ll get paid upfront while your students have the flexibility to make installment payments through Affirm, Afterpay, or Klarna (coming soon). BNPL is currently available for users based in the US and will soon be available for international users.

AI Quiz Generator

Yes, now you can create smart quizzes for smarter learning. With the upgraded Teachable platform, you'll now have access to smart quizzes that adapt to your learning progress. These quizzes are designed to reinforce students understanding of the course material, ensuring students grasp the concepts thoroughly.

The best part? The more you use them, the smarter the quizzes get, customizing the questions based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Teachable's AI Quiz Generator lets you create better quizzes, faster. By using this tool, you can automatically generate a quiz from your lesson text, enriching your course content in just a few moments. Courses with quizzes have an 80% higher completion rate and 86% higher average lifetime sales than courses without. Put simply, quizzes are a proven way to boost student engagement and earn more.

Teachable App Hub

Teachable's App Hub just got a facelift! You now have access to the most tracking and analytics apps available on any course creation platform. Plus, in the last few months alone, Teachable's doubled the number of available apps, and this is just the beginning. They are continually adding more to the marketplace.

Plus, if you haven't done so already make sure you have updated to the latest Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, upgraded apps are available for both in the Teachable App Hub.

Coupons in Cart Abandonment

Not too long ago Teachable made it easier for you to re-engage customers who dropped off at checkout with autogenerated abandoned cart emails. Now, you can easily add a school-wide coupon to your cart abandonment email to entice customers to buy. To start using coupons in abandoned carts it's as simple as selecting your school-wide coupon from a dropdown when editing your cart abandonment email.

Coupon Urgency Drivers

Coupons in abandoned carts is the only new feature for Teachable school owners. You can now increase student excitement to buy your courses with Coupon Urgency Drivers. You now have the ability to make existing coupon expirations or deadlines visible to students on sales pages and checkout in order to drive up urgency and excitement to purchase.

Community in Beta Testing

By joining the beta, you’ll be among the first to host an interactive community space for your students within your Teachable school. Community enables you to engage directly with your students and your students to engage directly with each other—all aimed at fostering deeper learning and better connection.


Teachable's commitment to innovation shines through with these six remarkable features. By providing course creators with dynamic pricing options, gamification elements, interactive assessments, advanced analytics, personalized feedback, and a user-friendly mobile app, the platform elevates the online learning experience. As a result, both sales and client satisfaction are poised to soar.

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